10 Adventurous Ways to Get Married

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There are so many adventurous ways to get married that buck tradition and speak to travel-minded couples. Imagine tying the knot while in a hot air balloon, climbing Mt. Everest or looking out over the field where your favorite baseball team plays. Here are 10 adventurous ways to get married that will create the experience of a lifetime.

Scuba Diving

Slip on your rings surrounded by a coral reef and thousands of bright-colored fish. Try getting married while scuba diving if you and your partner love being underwater. Places such as Cozumel, Roatan and Australia offer scuba diving weddings for avid divers. Plus, you can save on a wedding dress and wear a white wet suit instead.

Hot Air Balloon Ride

Instead of going below the surface, maybe you want to soar to new heights. Try a romantic hot air balloon ride for two in Montana. You can have your ceremony while you fly over Glacier National Park in the winter. Plus, make your champagne toast high up in the air for a story you’ll tell your kids for ages.


You don’t have to worry about rain if you decide to get married in a cave. This setting is great for couples who love natural environments and aren’t afraid of small spaces. Tour the cave ahead of time to see how many people can fit, or elope and have a magical underground day with just you and your new spouse.

Roller Coaster

This one is for the thrill seekers. Find a ride that lets you stop halfway through to say your “I do’s,” or search for an officiant who also loves adventurous ways to get married. If they sit behind you, the three of you can go through the ceremony before the ride is even over.


What better way to prove your love and commitment than jumping out of a plane with your spouse? Give a skydiving wedding a try if you’re not too afraid of heights. Vegas Extreme Skydiving is one business that offers a whole skydive wedding package, with flowers for the bride and additional skydiving wedding party members.

Mt. Everest

Knock two things off your bucket list by getting married and climbing Mt. Everest. This plan isn’t for the faint of heart — temperatures drop well below freezing. Just remember that you need to pack your wedding dress and tux with you, and you’ll have the best wedding photos around.

With Animals

Hop in a plane and fly to Thailand for the wedding of a lifetime. Phuket Discovery offers an elephant wedding package where you can literally ride through the jungle on an elephant and say your vows by a waterfall.

Plane, Train or Automobile

Keep in mind that you don’t have to get married on land. Get married in a plane or helicopter ride over one of your favorite mountain ranges. Or have your ceremony on a train that’s traveling through beautiful vineyards in Italy. If you choose to elope, you can also have your wedding ceremony in a car as you road trip across the country.

Baseball Park

Baseball fans will relive their special day over and over every time they watch a game if they get married in a stadium. Have a baseball-themed wedding using stadium portraits, food and even your team’s mascot. Bonus points if it’s also the place where you had your first date!

Traditional Mayan Ceremony

If you want to find an adventurous way to get married but also want to have a conventional ceremony later, try a Mayan Ceremony in Mexico. Multiple resorts in Riviera Maya offer couples the chance to have the ceremony even though it has no legal value. Immerse yourself in a new culture and beautiful scenery, then come home and have a more traditional service with your family and friends.

Start Your Adventure

Let’s face it: Marriage itself is an adventure. Why not find an even more adventurous way to get married using one of these options? That way, you’ll remember how special and unique your day was for the rest of your lives.

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    I absolutely love your suggestion for caving I have done in many times in the Yucatan, it was glorious. I also think that paragliding is a wonderful adventure. Check out some of my pics and adventures on my travel blog https://gingersnapstravels.com/

      • kacey
      • October 22, 2018

      Hey Ryan!

      So glad to hear you liked the suggestions! I have never been paragliding – how neat!

      Safe travels!

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