10 Fun Weekend Getaways for Couples

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When you’re in a relationship, there are so many things you’ll want to do together. There’s a whole world to explore, so why not start next weekend? There’s no need to have the funds for an entire week away to see a new place with your significant other — just give yourself 48 hours and our list of fun weekend getaways for couples will do the rest!

Check out these ten fun weekend getaways for couples. With so many things to do, you may have to go back to your favorite spots for a second or third weekend trip.

1. New York City

There’s a reason New York City is one of the biggest and most celebrated places in the world. Millions of people travel to it every year to experience all it has to offer.

No matter what interests you or what you want to do, New York City has it. There are theater productions, museums, live shows, restaurants and even local events like parades you can go to. There’s also plenty to do if you want the full tourist experience, like visiting wax museums or the Empire State building.

Do some research to find what interests you, then browse sites like Airbnb for an affordable place to stay near your top attractions.

2. The Outer Banks

If craving some beach time, the Outer Banks will give you the quiet space you want.

Stop by the Outer Banks with your significant other and you’ll feel like you put the world on pause. There’s a strip of typical tourist beach shops, but outside of that area, you can stay at a remote seaside cabin.

Take a dip in the ocean or tour the place where the Wright brothers took off in their first airplane. Either way, the Outer Banks will help you explore and relax, starting with the scenic drive there.

3. Charleston

If you want to go somewhere really romantic, check out Charleston.

Spanish moss grows along buildings across the city and over cobblestone streets. When you’re not looking around at the city, you can take a carriage ride, a cruise or enjoy a spa day together.

4. Chicago

Chicago is another one of those places people like to go to if they want to experience a beautiful mix of many cultures at once.

You’ll have endless restaurants to choose from and museums to go to, plus an opportunity to take a selfie with “The Bean.” Almost everything is within walking distance of downtown, so you won’t have to worry about paying a lot for transportation.

5. Atlanta

As one of the fastest growing cities in the US, Atlanta is so worth the weekend drive. If you and the person you love bonded over anything in film or TV, there’s a good chance it was filmed in Atlanta, plus you can visit the location.

There’s also the famous Atlanta Aquarium and the World of Coca-Cola museum. Your weekend will quickly book up with everything Atlanta offers.

6. Nashville

Nashville has the best of both worlds. Starting in the downtown area, you can hear live music playing all day long. Then you can venture ten miles out of town where you can tour wineries and historic mansions.

Country music fans will love Nashville, along with anyone else who lives for music. Make reservations for everything ahead of time, since it’s been voted as one of the top places to stay in the country.

7. New Orleans

Your weekend trip will feel like a breeze when you take a trip to the Big Easy. It has a rich history, with tons of museums and historical sites to see.

What New Orleans is also known for, besides jazz music, is their food! Make sure to grab a few beignets after eating the best creole food around. Many famous restaurants line the area, so do your research to find some of the coolest ones.

8. Louisville

The only place where you can combine your love of racing and bourbon is Louisville — one of the top fun weekend getaways for couples. Tour all the local distilleries and the famous Louisville Slugger Museum and Factory. You’ll learn all about the history of both while having fun in a bustling city.

If you’re not into horse races, there’s also the zoo, ghost hunts and multiple water parks to check out. Top it off with some local barbecue and you’ll round out a fantastic weekend.

9. Savannah

Savannah is another very romantic getaway spot. There are overarching trees everywhere you go, creating the romantic southern vibe many couples look for in pictures. Many weddings happen in Savannah, highly attributed to the atmosphere the city provides.

You can walk through the downtown area or through Forsyth Park. Take a culinary walking tour or watch the sunset on a riverboat cruise. You could even find a little bed and breakfast that would make you feel like you get to sleep in a place straight out of history.

10. Monterey

You don’t need to be a fan of Big Little Lies to enjoy a trip out to Monterey. Take a drive by the gorgeous seaside cliffs and spend your time out on the sand.

When you want to step out of the sun, go see the Monterey Bay Aquarium. It’s one of the biggest aquariums in the world holding over 35,000 animals.

Go Live Your Dreams

Whether you’ve known each other a few months or a few years, you likely daydream about skipping town with them to visit somewhere new. You can easily do that during fun weekend getaways for couples at any of these cities.

The key to planning a successful weekend trip is not to fill every second of your time. Plan one or two things each day and then take your time. Enjoy a laid-back trip while truly enjoying the time away together.


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