10 Glowing Beaches You Must See this Summer

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Summer is the best time of the year to get out and go on an adventure! Everyone takes lots of trips while it’s warm outside because that’s when it’s best to roam new cities or countries. More towns will throw festivals and create events for people to enjoy because they know that people are looking for an excuse to get outside and have fun. You may be planning your summer vacations right now, and if you’re looking for glowing beaches you must see, you’re not alone.

Beaches get swarmed with tourists every summer. Everyone’s looking to get that great tan in and splash around in the waves. It makes it less enjoyable when your typical beaches are so filled up with visitors that you can’t find a spot to lay out your towel and pop up an umbrella. Why not try to go somewhere new that may be less crowded? You can still find a great beach to visit that will be the perfect place to make memories.

During previous beach trips, have you ever seen the water glow? You may have seen pictures or videos of glowing beaches. They’re gorgeous and fill visitors with awe, and they’re easier to find than you might think. Read on to learn about some of the best glowing beaches you must see. You’ll be able to have a fun time, see something extraordinary and have incredible memories of your trips to look back on.

  1. Luminous Lagoon

The bioluminescence you’ll find at Luminous Lagoon is all naturally occurring, which makes the experience of seeing its glowing waters even more awe striking. Make sure to budget for a boat ride, because you’ll need to take a short trip on one to see the big event. Fish with glowing tails will circle elegantly around your boat, and once you’re out far enough, you’ll be able to swim in the warm waters with them.

  1. Mosquito Bay

Don’t let yourself be turned away from Mosquito Bay because of its name. For those who want to lean more towards the adventurous side of life, schedule a kayak tour down to this bay and take a swim in this hidden river. Make sure to watch when there will be a full moon, since that’s when the glowing water will be at its brightest.

  1. Toyama Bay

The waters in Toyama Bay don’t glow on their own, but they’ll light up the night sky once firefly squid come to visit. They enjoy sticking to deeper waters, but the bay reaches depths deep enough to invite them to come stay for a while. You can check them out once boat tours begin at 3 a.m., or stop by the local museum dedicated to the squid.

  1. Halong Bay

Over in Vietnam you can visit Halong Bay, and you’ll definitely want to jump in the water. It may look like regular water during the day, but if you jump in at night, the water swirling around you will suddenly glow with life. Take an underwater camera for the ultimate vacation photos, and try to go when there’s a new moon so you can capture the bioluminescence without any interfering light.

  1. Mission Bay

Mission Bay has ever changing water that’ll be something unique to see during both the day and the night. In the day, the water is tinted red from all the algae floating around, and at night that algae glows blue. It’s not always safe to swim there, since the algae can emit dangerous toxins, but you can still take a kayak or boat out to get closer to the natural beauty.

  1. Jersey

In the UK, the original Jersey has fantastic bioluminescent walks people can take to be interactive with the glowing nature around them. You can’t go swimming in this water, but if you bring your rain boots and a camera, you can still have a great time. Everything from the water to the sand will glow around you!

  1. Manasquan Beach

Manasquan Beach is in the state of New Jersey, and the best time of year to go if you want to see the glowing red and blue colors in the algae filled water is the summer. Between July and September, the algae glow much brighter at night, putting on a spectacular show for everyone who comes to visit.

  1. Torrey Pines Beach

Torrey Pines Beach is very close in likeness to Mission Bay, but the bioluminescence isn’t as far stretched. This is good news to people who visit and want to swim there, since less algae makes the water safe to swim in, but it means less glowing at night. It’ll still make for a great trip though, since the algae that does float over there still shines bright in neon reds and blues.

  1. Gippsland Lakes

The area around Gippsland lakes is a popular place for tourists to visit in Australia, especially since the water has the glowing bioluminescent algae at night. Although it’s been dimming since 2008, you can still get good pictures and swim around in the natural lighting. Make sure to visit later at night so there’s no sunshine to compete with the algae.

  1. Mudhdhoo Island

Instead of glowing from algae, Mudhdhoo Island glows from tiny organism that like to cluster together. That means that while it will still light up every night, the light won’t span large distances in the water. The bright side is that they wash up to shore frequently, which makes the water and the sand glow at the same time.


Wherever you plan to go to visit the beach this summer, switch it up with a new location that offers a bio luminescent light show at night. Whether you want to swim with the neon colors, float over them in a boat or walk around them on the sand, you’ll find the glowing beach that’s right for you. The lights are so brilliant that you’ll want to keep coming back every year just to see them some more.


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