10 Inexpensive Decorating Ideas to Make Your Yard Beautiful

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There’s something about having a yard that makes you want to dress it up and show it off. Many people look forward to the day when they can have a yard to call their own. Once you get your yard, it’s up to you to figure out how to design it.

Depending on where you live and what the rules are, decorating your yard can seem like a big project. The truth is that you can have a beautifully decorated yard no matter what kind of budget you’re working with. Consider these 10 inexpensive decorating ideas for inspiration, and try a few of them out to see how they look in your yard!

Hide Your A/C Unit

You might have an A/C unit on the side or front of your home, which makes for a big distraction when you try to stand back and admire how your yard looks. To make this problem go away, get a few pieces of plywood and some nails. In just 15 minutes, you can build a three-sided box around your A/C unit to give your yard a more pleasant appearance. Paint the box to make it match your home for an extra creative step to this project.

Plant a Flower Bed

Flower beds work in almost every yard because they can be so easily personalized. You can pick the plants you want to include in your flower bed and then plant them wherever you think they’d look the best in your yard. Plants give your yard more life because they’re fun to watch as they grow.

Some homes are in areas where there are strict rules about what you can and can’t plant. Check with your local Home Owners Association to make sure you’re aware of what you can do in your yard. Oftentimes, homeowners find that they can’t dig in their yard, an issue that can be solved if you learn how to build a raised flower bed.

Put up a Bamboo Fence

You may look at your home and wish it had more privacy. Windows on the ground level could be easy to see inside of from the street, and the houses nearby may have been built close to your property line. After checking to see that there are no rules against fences in your neighborhood, check out bamboo fencing options. Bamboo is an affordable material that will last a long time, and it’ll look nice in any yard.

Get a Garden Hose Home

Another way your yard can look messy is if you have a garden hose hooked up to an outdoor spout. Hoses are one of those things that don’t really get put away. Instead, they’re left in a pile, which doesn’t look nice. Get a garden hose home that will have a handle you can crank to pull the hose out and in again. It’ll appear neater and more organized and can be stored against the side of your home.

Make Your Sidewalk Pop

If your home has a sidewalk leading up to the front door, you can make it pop just by getting a few bags of mulch. Mulch will make your sidewalk stand out more from the grass if you line it along the length of the path. Just make sure if you have a lighter sidewalk, you get dark mulch, and vice versa. You can even plant flowers in the mulch to make it look more like a flower bed.

Spray Paint Your Edging

Decorative bricks and similar materials may line the space where your plants are or border your driveway. Get a can of outdoor spray paint and spray a new color on your edging. The best part about this project is that after it dries, if you get tired of it and need a change, you can get a new color of spray paint to change the look of your yard without paying for any major renovations.

Add New Lighting

If you want to decorate your yard, you may not need traditional decorations at all. Try adding new lighting instead! Install new bulbs in your floodlights, or get floodlights to shine up at your house from the ground. They’ll make your home stand out in your neighborhood even at night.

Form a Plant Island

Some yards have what are called “plant islands.” It’s where you’d see lots of mulch at the base of a big tree that’s surrounded by bushes and flowers. You can have one too, and without needing a yard crew to come out and make it for you. Get a few bags of fresh dirt or mulch, and pour it around the base of plants that are clustered together in the middle of your yard. Rake it all so that it evens out, and you’ll have landscaped your yard on a budget.

Color Contrast Your Flowers

Change up the flowers in your yard by color contrasting them according to the seasons. Letting new flowers grow will make your yard feel and look brand new. In the spring, aim for yellows, blues and pinks. Late summer and fall are the perfect seasons for oranges and reds. Contrast your flowers so that they stand out and look their best, and your home will too.

Decorate Some Flower Pots

A fun project is to invest in some clay flower pots and decorate them. Have paint and stickers ready to go so that when you get your pots, you can have fun designing them. They may not last past their first season, but they offer a way to have fun, and they’ll make for some adorable yard photos.

Decorating your yard doesn’t have to be a major project that you save up for over a long period of time. Think about what your yard might be missing and what you can do with it. Consider installing a bamboo fence or personalized flower pots. Always check with your local government and Home Owners Association to make sure there aren’t rules against what you want to do in your yard. After that, you’re bound to find a clever and creative way to make your yard look amazing.

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