10 Super Easy Stay-at-Home Improvement Ideas

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Now that you are spending more time inside your home, this is the perfect time to tackle all those projects you never had the time to do before. In addition to offering a much-desired sense of normalcy, rearranging your surroundings is guaranteed to improve your mood. You can spruce up your home following these easy home improvement ideas.


Give Your Kitchen Cabinets a Makeover

Take your kitchen from dreary to sunny with a fresh coat of paint. It’s an easy way to revive the room without going too hard on your wallet. If “shabby chic” is your go-to style, you can sand the cabinets before painting them. If a more radical change is in order, you can remove the cabinets doors altogether, for a more open concept. While you’re at it, Marie Kondo your kitchen appliances and put some of them into self storage until you can put them to better use.


Create more storage in your kitchen cabinets

Restore some order in your home by addressing the clutter in the kitchen. With utensils here and dishes fighting for space inside the kitchen cabinets, you can get creative with storage. A great way to increase the organization of your kitchen is to add pull-out drawers in your lower cabinets. They’re very easy to install and will keep clutter at bay.


Update Your Kitchen Backsplash

While tiling might seem beyond your DYI skills, installing a peel and stick backsplash might just do the trick. All you need to do is to find the desired pattern and from here it’s you’re your typical shaping, cutting and gluing job that anybody can tackle with confidence. It will protect your wall from splashes and spatters all the while bringing a touch of style to your kitchen.


Restyle Your Favorite Sofa

Yes, you might love that old sofa, but time and repeated use doesn’t. However, that doesn’t mean you need to part ways with it. You can give it a new lease of life by dressing it up with a slipcover. Online retailers offer many options in the way of shapes, patterns and sizes – so you have several different styles to choose from if you crave a change of atmosphere in your living room.


Switch Doorknobs and Hinges

Swapping your old brass handles and other door hardware for a modern matte variety can truly elevate the look of your home. Implementing this small and easy-to-do change will add more character to every door in the house. Have fun with color for your bathroom and kitchen doorknobs, where picking a playful color might be the “it” factor you were looking for.


Spruce up Your Walls with Crown Molding

Adding crown molding will bring a touch of charm and value to a home. You can easily achieve this look by challenging yourself a little bit. Find the style that suits you, then use a ladder and a screwdriver to install the moldings. They usually come in pre-cut pieces, making installation a fairly easy job. It will take less than a day to apply them to all the rooms of your home, but then, voilà! – you’ve turned regular rooms into elegant spaces!


Add Privacy Without Compromising Natural Light

Does your home come with large windows? While you probably enjoy the abundance of natural light, you might feel like you’re sacrificing your privacy in exchange. Simply install frosted window film – an easy DIY solution that gives you both natural light and privacy but without the clunky shutters. This solution also adds more security to your home by protecting your valuables from view, which is especially useful for ground floor windows.


Update Your Staircase

Want to make sure your stairs aren’t slippery? Try carpeting them – either the entire steps or just the middle. You can easily take the project into your own hands, and by using woven runners and supplies from a home center, you can give your stairs that much-needed non-slip upgrade. Sounds too tricky to tackle? Try adding stickers to the front-facing parts of the staircase. They come in many colors and it could turn into a fun family project!


Dazzle with a Gallery Wall

Whether you just painted your walls or not, you may want to add a touch of personality to them. A picture feature is the perfect way to enliven the room as you put together a collection of your best memories. Use framed photos, but also experiment with mixed media displays. You will surely create a very special corner that will attract family and friends!


Add a Bird feeder

If you’re lucky enough to have a backyard, you can easily hang a bird feeder in a tree close to your kitchen window. They can have various different features and come in a range of price options, and you can shop for them at your local hardware store or choose to buy online. With a bit of luck, you will hear lively chirps soon and see your new feathered friends visiting more often!

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