10 Ways I Plan on Incorporating Pantone’s Color of the Year into My Life

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Have you ever done the challenge where you pick a word, instead of a resolution, to represent your New Year? That was easier to do last year.

This year, I’m not picking a word or a resolution. I’m picking a color — Pantone’s Color of the Year, to be exact. It’s called “greenery,” and as soon as I saw it, inspiration struck me in the form of revitalization. Pantone describes this color as nature’s neutral, one of new beginnings, symbolizing the unity of the world and as a snapshot of what is or should be taking place around the globe.

Given the time of the year, of course everyone will connect this color to garlands and evergreen things to deck the halls with cheer. How about we deck the New Year with greenery, too? Let me tell you about the ten ways I’ve resolved to incorporate this lively color into my life:

My Bedroom Walls are Going Greenery bedroom-with-plants

I am going to wake up to this color, folks. Color is something you feel! Natural blues are soothing, and greens are renewing in color psychology.

There’s something gentle and nudging about greenery, and I want to transfer that energy into my life from the time my eyes open in the morning. I want to awaken from a deep sleep like a sprouting seed, ready for the day. Instead of turning away from the sun, I want to follow it happily like a sunflower!

I’m Becoming an Herbalista pexels-photo-105863

I’m starting an herb garden, specifically mint-focused, because I love the way mint smells and makes me feel. Many herbs are amazing for the mind and body. The properties of mint are plentiful, and this herb helps with digestion, migraines, memory loss and stress!

Did you know there’s a chocolate mint? Imagine it! Chocolate mint mojitos! Avocado and mint morning smoothies. That’s right! I’m going to drink greenery, too! I’m sowing seeds with the green of spring and vowing to include medicinal herbs into my diet.

I’m Bringing Back the Evening Walks vuoalipgcce-ezra-jeffrey

A few years ago, I would take evening walks and watch everything around me deepen into a darker green as the sun melted like butter over the horizon.

When you watch the sun set on the day, it’s satisfying. You witness the gradations of life transition in moments. The crickets begin to chirp, and between the sun and the crickets there’s a moment of silence for the self to reach awareness. “Big” things become trivial, easier to let go.

That time was valuable for connecting with my innermost self. I’ve lost that time over the years, and it’s time to regain it and go deeper within.

I’m Going to Be Okay With Where I Am 

Life is a strange combination of growing up too quickly and never feeling like an adult. How much more growing up do I have to do? What am I not giving myself enough credit for?

Where in my life is it okay to be “green?” Every moment is new, and there’s always going to be something that I may not be the best at the first time around. That’s okay. It’s part of growing and living life.

I’m Going to Be Okay With Outgrowing sprout

In a similar green vein, I’m going to be at peace with the concept of outgrowing. When you’re little, you outgrow your clothes in the blink of an eye, much to your parents’ dismay. However, throughout life, you also outgrow certain hobbies, jobs and relationships. Life takes another course. A sprout follows the transition of the sun. Life moves toward nourishment.

Outgrowing and guilt often go hand in hand, but it doesn’t have to be that way. I will accept growth in all of its cycles, include its perceived endings.

I Dare Myself to Try New Things 

I talk about inspiration too much and love motivating others. When it comes to myself, I prefer to keep my nose in a book because I love learning.

You learn more by experiencing life! I double-dog dare myself to go rock climbing. I triple-dog dare myself to run a marathon, to learn a new language and to expand my horizons. I dare myself to be green at something.

I’ll Lead a Greener Lifestyle hqo8qayycew-giulia-bertelli

I do my best to recycle, but I know it’s not my true best. This is the only Earth I’ll ever have, and it’s home. I need to treat Mother Nature with the same respect I’d treat my own mother. This means recycling everything the right way and purchasing ethical products more consciously.

I Will Be More Conscious of Currency

You can’t consider greenery without thinking about the green stuff — money. It is a currency, and how you spend your money signifies what is important in your life. Many people spend without thinking. You go to the grocery store and put the usual items in the cart. You get your check and pay your bills. Where does it all go?

Everyone’s relationship to money is unique, and there are many forms of currency. I need to be more conscious of my relationship to money, spending, receiving and the nature of human exchange.

It’s Time to Release My Personal Grinch

You have one. I have one. Everyone has a Grinch inside, whether they frequently show it or not. I need to give the things I frown at more of a chance. It’s time to honestly ask myself what I am greedy about and release it.

I Will Practice the Art of Neutrality

Neutrality is one of those strange words, and most people think of Switzerland. Most people think of not taking sides. This presumes that you let life pass you by and bad things happen to good people, which this beautiful green world has seen too much of.

I’m more interested Pantone’s definition of this color as nature’s neutral, of the world’s neutral. I’m interested in what my personal snapshot of the world is, how I see it and why. Experience, people and place have many viewpoints and gradations to them. That is the place of neutrality that I want to operate from, that place of witnessing, being and activism.

This year I choose a color, not a resolution or a word. I choose to incorporate greenery into the way I most desire to live my life and why, full of vitality and growth.


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