2018 Travel Trends I Am Loving: From Star Gazing Platforms to Dining on Private Sandbanks

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You’d think an avid traveler would roll their eyes at most travel trends, but I love them. Some dine in the air with only a glass floor separating them from a major drop, while others enjoy a five-course meal on the beach and the simplicity of the stars. To me, it’s about enriching experience as you travel.

From stargazing platforms to dining on private sandbanks, these are the 2018 travel trends I’m loving:

Catch It Before It’s Gone

Last chance destinations reemerge as one of my favorite 2018 travel trends due to climate change reality. Young people flock to destinations such as New Zealand, the Arctic and the Columbia Ice Fields of Canada to catch the stunning sights before they melt into oblivion. This trend also climbs in popularity surrounding the increased interest in sustainable ecotourism.

While the Northern Lights remain patient for me, the stunning snowy and icy vistas of the north melt and reminds me that all things change. I’m often elsewhere. Observing the changing landscape of my home environment and doing what I can to offset the damage through volunteer efforts, becomes an intrinsic reflection on my own identity and growth. Stop to smell the roses because some may not return next year.

Digital Nomading

Living the travel lifestyle as a digital nomad grows as professionals join the freelance and remote workforce: freelancers comprise 35 percent of the U.S. labor force, and that number increases annually.

When you think of technology and remote work, you tend to think of stay-at-home parents or millennials. Interestingly, as more young adults leave home, Boomers increasingly take on the digital nomad lifestyle.

I’ve seen this interest expressed by my parents, this conflicting need to stay active through hard work and see the world more as they age. Since I’m properly “adulting” now, I hope their dreams take flight. I plan to work on my work-life balance on the road. The digital nomad lifestyle isn’t for everyone, but when you’re elsewhere, sometimes you find exactly where you belong. Who says you have to miss work to do any of that?

Stargazing Platforms

If your wanderlust reigns supreme like mine, chances are you were first a stargazer. That’s why I’m so in love these 2018 travel trends.

Traveling resets my compass and redirects it to my north star. Dark sky conservation efforts preserve night sky visibility. Many public parks become dark sky parks and guard against light pollution, while other dark sky sanctuaries are located in remote areas, protected for their natural environment and scientific importance. Sanctuary locations may rarely open to the public, but the designation serves an important purpose in raising conservation awareness.

Plan stargazing trips 10 days before a new moon and four days afterward for the best clarity — new moons signal new beginnings. What better metaphor exists for an inspiring experience? Asian countries offer popular stargazing destinations, such as Xilamuren Grassland, Inner Mongolia, China where you stay in a mushroom-shaped yurt away from high-rise buildings.

Destinations such as the Trout Point Lodge feature luxurious amenities in cozy log cabins including a stargazing platform offering 360-degree views, and it doesn’t hurt that Trout Point is nestled in Kejimkujik National Park, which is Nova Scotia’s first dark sky reserve. Backyard stargazing remains classic, but this destination just made my bucket list, including visits to local dark sky locations as a “day” trip with friends.

Dining on Private Sandbanks

Experiential travelers seek destinations with personalized events to get their money’s worth. Private sandbank dining offers a romantic experience for couples looking for a memorable experience: they eat beach-side at the Maldives, a five-course meal served under moonlight by a butler at Cocoa Island to watch the night waves of the Indian Ocean.

Type “dining on private sandbanks” into your search engine, and you’ll see many destinations offering this unique experience. Beach-side dining on a private sandbank doesn’t have to be only for couples. It can be for best friends or sisters, too. I may have the perfect Galentine’s Day trip in mind, now. Keep my secret, won’t you?

Combining Hobbies and Tourism

Also on the rise are hobby-oriented trips that immerse travelers in inspiring destinations and their passions. It’s the perfect way to jump-start your creativity. Sometimes, a change of environment is all you need.

Whether your passion is yoga, dance or learning a new language, hobby-oriented trips organize your itinerary while you focus on achieving your goals in a beautiful and inspiring space away from stress. Imagine yoga in India or learning Spanish in Barcelona. What about taking a landscape painting class in oils from a local master in a remote destination?

These 2018 travel trends inspire me to awaken the more creative parts of myself I’ve left behind in childhood — to pick up oils and give my adult coloring book a rest.

I feel inspired and my wanderlust begs me to go dine beach-side, stare at the stars and get back in touch with myself. It makes me want to see endangered areas of the world before they vanish. I want to help preserve what I can — though travel teaches you that all things change and so must you.


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My name is Kacey Mya Bradley, lifestyle and travel blogger for The Drifter Collective. Throughout my life I have found excitement in the world around me. Having graduated from York College with a degree in Communications, as well as having worked for a lifestyle magazine which has allowed me to travel and become more cultured. I have been been able to further my knowledge and interest for nature, understand the power of exploring other locations, embrace other styles, all while communicating these endeavors through my passion for writing and expression. I hope you are overwhelmed with my love for the world in which I live in through my visually pleasing, culturally embracing and hopefully inspiring posts.
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    Combining hobbies and travel is a perfect mix. I like to do family history research when I travel, or go to sporting events.

      • kacey
      • February 19, 2018

      Hi Charles!

      I am glad you agree! I really like the idea of researching family history while you travel – very unique. I think I will have to look into attending some sporting events during my up and coming adventures!


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