Wellness Apps That Help You Keep Your Zen While Traveling

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Vacations are a good opportunity to unplug. You can immerse yourself in a new culture, new food, and fun people without the distraction of notifications or a to-do list. Then again, if the purpose of a vacation is to unwind, why not use every tool at your disposal to achieve total relaxation and keep your zen while traveling?

Download these six wellness apps prior to your trip to help keep your zen while traveling. Whether you need to take a few minutes before the day’s excursion to reach a clear head space, or are most at ease when getting your sweat on, there’s an app for de-stressing your getaway.


While it’s important to try to bring more clarity, joy, and peace to your daily life, doing so is truly a necessity while traveling.

Calm is the #1 app for mindfulness and meditation. After you’ve gathered your beach towel and sunglasses and slathered on the sunscreen, sunbathe with a peaceful purpose as you quell your anxiety through guided meditations, breathing programs, and relaxing music.  

Looking to work on managing stress, improving your self-esteem, or expressing more gratitude?

Calm offers guided meditation in 3, 5, 10, 15, 20, or 25 minute sessions.

Whether you need just a few minutes of stillness or are looking for extended serenity, the app makes attaining personal awareness as easy as 4-7-8 and will certainly keep your zen while traveling.


Sometimes total contentment is just a bike ride away.

Wherever you are in the world, and whatever outdoor sport tickles your fancy, Splinster makes it easy to rent bikes, stand up paddle boards, surfboards, skis, and snowboards from a fellow adrenaline junkie.  

Between packing up and paying fees to safely transport it, traveling with your gear can be a headache. With Spinlister, you can save that energy for the trails or waves and rent equipment from someone just like you.

Stomping the landing or getting barreled will be that much sweeter when you realize that you’re saving money and the environment, all while helping someone else do the same.   


Your healthy routine inevitably takes a hit when you travel, but with MealPal, eating well can stay constant even when your sleep schedule doesn’t.

Mealpal is gives you access to the best restaurants in Boston, Brooklyn, Chicago, Denver, London, Manchester, Melbourne, Miami, New York City, Paris, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Sydney, Toronto, and Washington, D.C. They provide a fast, fun system of helping you to discover delicious lunch options every day.

Here’s how it works:

MealPal members choose from two different subscription options (12 meals in 30 days, or 20 meals in 30 days), then reserve one of a participating restaurant’s signature dishes.

If you’re planning an extended stay in any locale, MealPal makes staying on top of your healthy habits a piece of cake (or a slice of apple).   

Sleep Cycle

If jet lag has taken hold and you’ve done everything to adjust with no luck, take a break from tossing and turning to download Sleep Cycle.

The app uses sound analysis to identify when you’re cycling through different sleep states and reports on when you’re in your deepest sleep, when you’re nearly awake, and any interruptions in sleep that may occur throughout the night. Not only will you be able to determine how well you’re sleeping (or not), but the app will also analyze your sleep pattern to find the best time to gradually wake you up.

This is especially helpful when trying to jettison jet lag. The app will monitor signals from your body through your phone’s microphone and/or via motion detection to wake you gently, when you’re in the lightest sleep state. After a few night’s sleep using Sleep Cycle, you’ll be able to keep your zen while traveling and take on a new time zone without any lingering drowsiness.


You updated your passport, converted your currency, and packed plenty of light layers. The one thing your forgot to pack? Your positivity.

Bouts of random sadness can strike at any time, but no one thinks it will happen when they’re enjoying time away with family or friends.

Happify makes sure your negativity takes a back seat before you go off on your next adventure. The app provides effective tools and programs to better manage your emotional well-being. You’ll learn to control negative thoughts, minimize stress, and build greater resilience.

You can’t be expected to get excited about the sights and sounds of a new city when you’re not feeling your best. Happify brings genuine excitement back to travel.  


Can you imagine forgetting to eat, drink, or shower?

Seems silly until you realize how chaotic life can get. Throw in responsibilities such as managing travel itineraries and adapting to cultural traditions like later meal times, and you start to understand how forgetting to take the medication you’ve taken every single day for years could actually occur.

No matter how on top of your schedule you are, Aloe understands that people simply forget sometimes. And they want to help you remember.

Along with daily reminders, the app also offers self-care check-ins to help you maintain a high level of self-care, which is important regardless of if you’re on an action-packed or zen-centric vacation.


There’s a lot to be said for disconnecting from the world when you go on a trip, but these apps make a case for staying just a little bit in the loop, all while allowing you to keep your zen while traveling. Who knew a quick download could help you fully unpack your emotions before unfolding your bathing suit and soaking up some fun?

If your idea of travel is buying a one-way ticket with no return in sight, let MakeSpace take care of your stuff while you enjoy your adventure. They’ll pick up and safely store your belongings until you’re ready to return, and will then deliver your things right back to you. More time vacationing, less time trekking to a storage unit? That’s definitely something to feel good about.   

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