Wellness Hacks to Feel Better After Flying

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Traveling around the world is a great way to experience new places and people — and inspire major FOMO in your friends — but jet-setting can also take a big toll on your body. If you’re constantly flying, you might be dealing with nonstop colds or perpetually dry skin. In order to avoid these common travel woes, knowing a few wellness hacks that all avid globetrotters swear by. Make the next time you fly a little easier when you enlist these wellness hacks during and after the flight.

Pack the In-Flight Essentials

If you want to feel refreshed after your flight, you should start to do some work as soon as you take off. Some simple wellness hacks can be employed in the air, like treating yourself to a face mask and slathering on some hand cream. You might also want to wear compression tights to help ward off blood clots — which can occur when you’re stuck sitting for an extended period of time — and bring antibacterial wipes to purge your seat of germs before you settle in for the flight.

Don’t Forget Snacks

Snacking on the plane can help to combat the common travel issue of overindulging on convenience foods and then feeling bloated. Instead, load your carry-on bag with healthy snacks such as fruits and veggies. If you indulge in some type of protein bar or a pre-packaged food instead, you might find that it doesn’t sit very well with your digestive system. And that’s not something you want to deal with on a long flight!

Try Wild Water

You probably already know that drinking plenty of water is a must when you’re flying. It’s easy to get dehydrated as you travel since you’re constantly running from one place to the next. But you might want to skip the water and try Wild Water instead. This water is infused with minerals that could help you remain happier and healthier by keeping mouth dryness at bay and possibly boosting your immune system.

Take Your Vitamins

Another way to boost your immune system? Take your vitamins before you take flight. Probiotics and prebiotics might be the most important part of your supplement regimen that you didn’t even realize was missing. These are healthy bacteria that naturally occur in the gut, but can sometimes dwindle depending on your diet. When you replenish them, you’re giving your immune system a boost. Vitamin C can help, too! Consider taking a vitamin C supplement before you board or on board your next flight.

Pack Natural Sleep Aids

Jet lag is a natural consequence of international or cross-country travel, so you should expect it. But that doesn’t mean you have to just accept it. There are simple ways to combat jet lag, from snoozing through an overnight red-eye to enlisting natural sleep aids so that you get into a new rhythm more easily. Try taking three milligrams of melatonin to help you snooze on the plane, if that coincides with the sleep schedule you’ll keep at your destination, or enlist it when you arrive and are ready for bedtime.

Get a Sweat In

While you’re on the plane, especially if it’s a long flight, try to get up and walk around or stretch every hour to two to keep the blood flowing. Then once you land, ward off any aches and pains that might linger after sitting for a while by squeezing in a quick workout. Flow through a quick yoga routine in your hotel room or simply do some stretches and lunges. If you think ahead, you can even pack a jump rope and get in some cardio without leaving your room.


If you’re a seasoned traveler, then you already know how hard on your body constant jet-setting can be. So make sure that you keep these wellness hacks in mind the next time you board a plane. You might find that you feel happy and energized when you de-plane, not groggy and ready for another nap.


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