4 Ways I Plan to Incorporate Flowers into My Life this Spring

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As the April showers nourish the Earth, I can’t help but think of all the beautiful blooms that means for May. Wild violets and dandelions make the butterflies and bees dance, and it’s inspiring to watch each flower come into its own, springing upward over the weeks of the season.

It reminds me how precious time is, and how much I need to treasure my time at home, especially when I feel the pull of my wanderlust. I love being knee-deep in my garden, up to my ears in a field of corn across the country, and this spring my goal is a simple one: to welcome spring into more corners of my life and home.

Sweet Dreams on a Lavender Pillow jessica-ruscello-99577

When it comes to aromatherapy, this beautiful purple mint plant is known for its sedative properties, helping to ease you into sleep and relieve your stress. Making a lavender pillow beats counting sheep!

I plan to harvest the lavender from my garden, hang it to dry and stuff a small pillow the size of my hand with the herb. You could just as easily buy lavender from a local tea shop or order online. While I’ll be using a plain purple cloth, you could use a beautiful old handkerchief or any fabric pattern that catches your eye and reminds you of spring. Once I slip the lavender pillow into my regular pillow, I’ll be off to dreamland.

Start my Morning with Refreshing Mint rhianon-lassila-48758

I have to face the fact that I’m obsessed with mint. They’re so healthy for you and smell amazing. Near my garden container of lavender, I also have a batch of lemon balm. My hands smell like I’ve been washing dishes without the work.

I like to clip off bits of my various mints for recipes. One of my favorite morning rituals that I need to be doing daily is including mint in my water, which means making a mint-infused water.

Imagine lemon balm with blueberries or slices of kiwi as an infused water! It’s easy to change out the recipe, just switch up the herbs and fruit. I make mine the night before, but it should last a few days longer if you make a batch. Just stir your infused water once everyday, and it will last roughly three days.

My goal is to drink at least three infusions a week, which will be refreshing during the last days of spring, as the hot summer days take over.

Have Fresh Cut Flowers Inside sophie-sollmann-165057

Don’t get me wrong: I love the smell of rain, but I miss being outside. I’m a nature person, who has vowed to bring freshly cut flowers inside more often this spring. On groggy mornings, I need the refreshing scent of a freshly cut rose and sight of those pretty vibrant petals to get me going. Combine that with tea or coffee, and look out world!

It’s also a sweet self-care gesture. How often do we do such things for ourselves? I’m not putting fresh flowers inside my house for decoration, though they’re lovely — I’m doing this for me!

Make Violet Syrup annie-spratt-37787

One of the hot new trends has been lavender syrup in coffee, but what about violet syrup? I haven’t had violent syrup since I was little, and with the overgrowth of violets I see everywhere — It’s time to get harvesting. That part is time consuming, but it’s totally worth it.

When harvesting, take violets that haven’t been exposed to weed-killers or ones that aren’t close to the roads or waste areas. They’re often found in shady areas near the trees or at the edge of your garden, rewilding the yard. Rinse and dry them well. It’s okay to have some green, but pick out the stems. Get a few cups worth of violets on your harvest trip.

Boil water in a smaller pot, and then cut the heat off. Place the violets in the pot and let them rest for a day. Yes, that’s for 24 hours. You’ll strain the infused water through a mesh sieve, pressing out the liquid. This beautiful violet-colored liquid is your syrup, and the syrup part is created by adding two cups of sugar for every cup of the liquid you’ve produced.

Tada! Violet syrup! Use it for desserts, in your coffee or even in your cocktails.

When this rain finally stops, I can’t wait to get out and tend the garden. There are so many ways I’m going to invite spring into my life this season: making a lavender pillow, infused water, violet syrup and cutting fresh flowers to enjoy inside.

Who knows what other spring shenanigans I’ll get into! Let me know if you try any of these out, and how you plan on inviting spring in this season!


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