5 DIY Projects That Will Get Your Mind into the Spring Spirit

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Spring is officially here. And even though the weather hasn’t quite caught the fever, these five earthy DIY projects will definitely get your mind into that spring spirit.

1. Chalkboard Paint Pot Herb Garden photo-1441984261150-55796ff52afc

What better way to bring spring indoors than a windowsill herb garden? Fresh herbs are a healthy, flavorful addition to home cooked meals, and these aromatic plants will fill your kitchen with delightful fragrances of the countryside.

When growing an herb garden it’s important to be able to identify your plants. These fun containers make it easy by chalkboard-painted-herb-pots you can write directly on.

To make your chalkboard pots you’ll need four or five terra cotta pots with saucers, chalkboard paint and a small brush.

Paint the lower portion of the pot with the chalkboard paint, leaving the top rim its original color. When the paint dries you can also tie raffia or decorative ribbon around the top of the pot for an extra special touch.

Next, fill your pots with soil, select the herbs you want to grow and plant them according to the package directions. Use colorful chalk to write the plant’s name right on each pot and create a vibrant display that’s sure to brighten your days.

2. Colander Hanging Plant Basket photo-1416879595882-3373a0480b5b

The fragrance of petunias is a welcome proclamation of spring. Hang a basket of these sweet-smelling flowers near your door or window, so you can enjoy their perfume whenever you walk by.
In just a few minutes you can make a fun hanging planter with a bright colored colander – and it even comes with built-in drain holes.

You’ll need a metal colander with handles, some twine and a coco basket liner. Begin wrapping each handle tightly with twine, taking care to avoid gaps. Make a knot at the end and secure it with a dot of glue. Next tie a yard of twine to each end of both handles, and knot the four pieces together for hanging.

Add your coco liner, potting soil and flowers and you’ll soon be singing to the sweet scent of petunias whenever a spring breeze whispers through their petals.

3. Moss Covered Coasters 20140727211712-20140724_162553_Richtone_HDR_

This spring keep your tabletops safe with these earthy green coasters. They’re so easy to make and will add a springy touch to your next cookout – or any time you want that outdoor feel.

All you’ll need is a moss mat, a jar of Mod Podge, some plain cork coasters, scissors and a paintbrush.

Apply the Mod Podge to the top side of the coaster. Lay out the moss mat face down and press the Mod Podge covered side of the coaster on to the back of the moss. Let it dry, trim it and you have a thirsty work of art that will keep your tables dry and provide a topic of conversation for your guests.

4. Edible Flower Popsicles Floral-Popsicles-2

Spring get-togethers deserve a special kind of refreshment. These enchanting popsicles have a light flavor and a garden-party feel that your guests won’t quickly forget.

Your list of ingredients will include a handful of organic edible flower petals, 16 ounces of water, 1 ounce of orange blossom water, a teaspoon of lemon juice and your favorite sweetener to taste.

Mix the water, orange blossom water and lemon juice with your sweetener and pour into Dixie cups or pop molds. Freeze for about an hour, then take them out and add your petals, making sure they’re consistent throughout the mold. Insert your sticks and freeze until they’re solid. These springtime delicacies are so beautiful you may not want to eat them.

5. Wine Bottle Terrarium photo-1416339411116-62e1226aacd8

Spring breezes and the scent of blooming flowers just beg for a good vino out on the deck. But don’t you just hate to throw away some of those gorgeous bottles? Well, now you don’t have to. You can upcycle them into beautiful horizontal planters filled with succulents and spring flowers.

You’ll need a glass cutter to remove a section from the side of your bottle. Be sure to keep the cork or cap so your planter will have a finished look.

Once you’ve removed the section, sand the bottle until the edges are smooth. Cut another cork in half and glue it to each side of the bottom of the bottle so it doesn’t tip. Then fill it with a variety of succulents and plants, for a stunning tabletop garden, a memento of those special moments and a reason to drink more wine.


These crafty projects are sure to get you ready for spring. But be warned – you might just find yourself so full of spring spirit you won’t even notice as the season passes – and makes way for even more exciting summer projects.


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