5 Items I Always Carry with Me

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The world around me is always changing, whether I’m visiting home or halfway across the world. On the go at every point, it can be difficult to maintain beauty routines, keep track of the day or take time to decompress. I learned the hard way that while you won’t truly be prepared for what life dishes out, you can carry a few items to stay calm, collected and centered. It’s also important to me that the items I always carry reflect both my personal needs and ecological values. So, in the rush to make a doctor’s appointment or get to the airport on time, these are the items I always carry with me:

Stone Paper Notebook (with Pencil) 

Several companies make these notebooks, but these aren’t just any notebooks. There are many things to love about them, but most of all — it’s the fact that these stone paper notebooks survive intact in the rain even when you use a pencil.

I’ve traveled in weird weather conditions, and both paper journals and technology have suffered the wrath of Mother Nature. I love to tuck one of these in my back pocket or in my purse to sketch sites or write down tips from people that I see when traveling.

While some manufacturers of this product are eco-friendly, others companies who make stone paper aren’t and include plastic and other environmentally harmful ingredients. Research the company before purchasing.

Bamboo Wooden Toothbrush

Using a bamboo toothbrush was one of the biggest and simplest sustainable switches I made with my daily routine.

If we assume every citizen in the U.S. uses a plastic toothbrush, there’d be over 300 million pieces of plastic in landfills without counting replacements. Bamboo doesn’t linger, and it’s naturally antimicrobial, which means fewer bacteria on the brush. Thinking about the bacteria on my old toothbrushes sitting in the landfill gives me guilt pangs and gross shivers.

Natural Exfoliate

I don’t know about you, but I put my face through pretty rough stuff: terrain, weather and the need to change my pillowcase more often. When at home I mix up a sugar scrub, but on the go, I can’t carry that sticky mess with me.

My travel size natural exfoliates get switched around, but I prefer exfoliates with simple and natural ingredients with Manuka honey, pineapple, aloe or Dead Sea salt as a natural scrub.

Dual Side Cleansing Cloth

Who has time for a full skin care routine these days? We all just want to collapse in bed and sleep like a stone at the end of a tough day. Sorry, pillow case.

A dual-sided cleansing clothing is my mini-cleanse ritual before I go to bed at night, especially after a hike. Goodbye makeup, grime and sweat. With 40 percent of women skipping cleansing, this cleansing cloth is one of the things I always carry with me.

Reusable Coffee Cup

“But first, coffee” is definitely among my mantras, but the thought of all those paper cups in the landfill had me filling guilty a few years ago. So, I got a stainless steel reusable coffee cup and have certainly gotten my money’s worth out of it. They even look like regular cups but more colorful or modern, depending on your style. There’s BPA-free plastic in multiple colors, glass, stainless steel and more in various sizes.


Nothing about the world is ever neat. Life is messy, but you don’t have to be. So, I decided to save some time with these items I always carry with me.




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