The 5 Things That Are Inspiring Me Right Now

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Everyone has goals and a sense of motivation — it’s merely a matter of finding the drive to fulfill them. While it’s nice to take a pause every now and again, I find myself longing for things that are inspiring me and how these things ignite me.

I’ve learned that many parts of life can be amusing or entertaining, but it takes a special something to motivate you into action, too — which is why I always have a few trusted sources of inspiration to encourage me throughout the day.

Whenever I find myself lacking in inspiration or in need of a creative and brilliant reason to travel, I can always count on these five things that are inspiring me.

Gazing at Nature’s Beauty

There isn’t a single thing nature doesn’t touch with its beauty — which is why exploring the natural world is one of the things that are inspiring me when it comes to travel.

Nature ignites the body and infiltrates every possible sense. You can touch, see, feel, hear, and smell the natural world. I can always count on the sound of whistling birds or the warmth of the sun peeking through my window to beacon me outside.

The beauty of the natural world is that it’s ever-present and manifests throughout the world in different ways. I may not have a waterfall in my backyard, but I know a few neighborhoods in Venezuela that do.

I’m always only a few plane rides — or steps — away from a source of inspiration through nature. After all, there’s no better feeling than leaving your technology behind and roaming the earth freely.

Expanding My Worldview Through Strangers

It’s so simple to pass people on the street without giving them so much as a glance or second thought. When I travel through bustling cities, people seem to always rush from one destination to the next.

But if there’s one thing I find that adds to my overall sense of happiness and sense of motivation, it’s taking the time to talk and meet the locals.

During my travels throughout Dublin, I quickly found out why Ireland was named one of the friendliest countries in the world. There wasn’t a pub or restaurant I could go to without making a friend along the way.

In fact, skipping these conversations would have meant missing out on taking that scary kiss of good luck on the Blarney stone, never traversing the beauty of Rock of Cashel, and failing to enjoy the music in the famous Temple Bar. How exactly? Because all of these acts were suggested to me by helpful locals — strangers who were willing to recount their own experiences in these places while inspiring me to create memories.

Feminine Empowerment and Appreciation

Hundreds of thousands of women throughout history fought for my right to be a free thinking and open-minded individual with independence — so why not make the most out of my liberty with a few worldly travels?

I appreciate my modern-day ability to embark on adventures that were once seen as an act solely exclusive to men. I can fly to a new exciting country, climb a few mountains, and unleash my own sense of adventure, too.

And I’m not the only one driven by my sense of liberating freedom to travel, either. Studies show that women are booking more adventure travels now than they ever did before.

Who says I can’t spread my own feelings of feminine empowerment along the way, too? Everywhere I go, I’m drawn to the female powers that define different cultures. From hardworking women with tough yet smooth exteriors to elders filled with wisdom and grace, I always make a point to stop and listen to their stories.

The Sky, the Stars, and Everything in Between

There’s a principle I first heard about during my travels through Thailand that inspired me to explore new and foreign lands and still resonates with me today. This idea is known as cosmic energy — the sense that all of life is united by an invisible force that maintains order and peace.

It’s not just cosmic energy that inspires me, either. I think the whole astrological system is pretty fascinating, too. I’ve planned trips just to see a blood moon or comet from the ideal angle. While it’s nice to travel for adventures, the ability to see a unique and once in a lifetime view is just as motivating.

I find it essential to remember that the whole world is pretty fascinating, and the beauty doesn’t just stop at eye’s view.

Positive Mantras That Push Me Forward

I believe that we can learn a lot from others — especially when it comes to those willing to shed a bit of wisdom on their everyday life experiences. And when it comes to meaningful words and inspirational phrases, nothing pushes me forward quite like a few positive affirmations and mantras.

There’s a favorite saying I always use as a source of guidance by the British actress, humanitarian, and world-renown icon Audrey Hepburn, who states that “nothing is impossible, the word itself says, “I’m possible.” When I wake up every morning and say this affirmation aloud, I feel like I’m realizing my full and earnest potential each day.

Pushing my general fears aside and using inspiration quotes as a source of motivation has driven me to embark on adventures I would have never thought of initiating before. I’ll admit that I’m not the fondest of heights and I’m not always the first to jump when it comes to kickstarting a new adventure, either.

But one thing I always have in mind is my positive outlook. Millions of people before me and even those present in the world today were — and are — able to find a sense of motivation and inspiration in the world that surrounds them. And that means I can do the same, too.

When it comes to my everyday life, I have a long list of experiences I want to make and adventures I intend on planning. Sometimes, I just need a bit of encouragement to push me along the way.

After all, everybody needs a source of inspiration — what’s yours?


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