6 Crystals Every Traveler Should Pack

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Choosing experience over expensive gadgets and gizmos is the best way to create rich memories you’ll treasure for a lifetime, while getting to know yourself on a deeper level. Travel will open you to experience new cultures and free you from the confines of your comfort zone.

Sometimes, you get the urge to bring back a touchstone, as a keepsake of memory, but what if you literally brought a touchstone with you? This thought has been revolutionary for me in the last few years. I use crystals as touchstones to keep me connected, energized and vibing with positivity on my travels.

I’ve always had a passion for crystals, from quartz to turquoise, and frequently carry one in my pocket, if I’m not wearing crystals as jewelry. Crystals have always energetically affected me, and maybe it is subconscious. Yet, the shift is perceptible, and my travels have reflected these good vibes when I have packed these six essential crystals:

  1. Clear Quartz

Clear quartz is the go-to crystal for anything, as a “master healer” that amplifies thought and energy. This crystal is my go-to if I catch myself in a spiraling negative thought pattern, thinking I will be stuck in a layover, late to a tour or any other worst-case scenario. I use clear quartz to amplify my positive thoughts and remain centered. Clear quartz is said to release, regulate, store and absorb energy, making it perfect to balance the mind, body and soul.

Since I usually wear a crystal quartz necklace, this has become my unconscious touchstone on travels. When I’m lost in thought, taking in the beauty of my destination, I touch my clear quartz, metaphorically imprinting the moment and experience of place into the crystal.

  1. Moonstone

Moonstone has always been a favorite for its milky sheen and association with the moon. It makes sense that this crystal is connected to water, ensuring safe passage over water. This crystal contains light’s vast spectrum, reminding you of that feeling you get when you see a rainbow and has similar associations with fortune and good luck.

Slip a small piece of moonstone into your suitcase or near important objects as a way to keep your valuables safe as baggage is checked and transported. Perhaps it’s superstition, but it works for me! This crystal’s association with the moon also promises restful sleep and revealing dreams.

  1. Hematite

Hematite is also a go-to stone for many who want to repel negative energy and remain neutral, especially electromagnetic energy. It’s a handy stone to have when you’re rushing through security lines, when all kinds of energy fields surround you, to keep electromagnetic smog in check while you’re checking your bags. Hematite is also used to help ease the pain for headache sufferers and those who feel ill when exposed to particular energies.

  1. Malachite

Malachite sounds like an evil kite, with its strange name, but the crystal has been used for ages as a traveler’s guardian stone, especially when traveling with children. It’s said to shatter when danger is near. This stone has been used by those who have a fear of flying or experience jet lag to quickly recover.

Keep this stone in your pocket to turn over in your palm, which will help to shift your attention to calm and focus. Malachite is associated with transformation and change, allowing you to adjust your energy in response to jet lag or shaken nerves on a shaky plane.

  1. Turquoise

Getting ready to go on a long trip? Turquoise is traditionally gifted to travelers who are going on a long journey and is said to help protect you from theft and bodily harm. If you’re prone to misplacing items or tripping over invisible objects, please carry turquoise with you.

Turquoise gifted is said to receive an energetic boost of protection for its wearer, but go with what feels right for you. Besides, turquoise is gorgeous, and it will attract good regard from all you cross while wearing this stone. Don a turquoise bracelet or ring on the hand you use to open doors and pay for items.

  1. Blue Lace Agate

If you’re looking for serene and supportive energy, keep a piece of blue lace agate with you. This crystal smoothes over the rough edges of tense mental and emotional energy, aiding in calm and effective communication. Blue lace agate gives you an added boost of confidence to express yourself, which is especially helpful if you’re struggling with a language barrier. Trust me.

Pack these crystals in your carry-on. Slip them in your pocket. Wear them and enchant others on your travels, while you experience new sights.

My crystals have unconsciously acted as touchstones on my travels. When I am conscious of the ones I carry, their impact is even more potent on my mind, body and soul, enriching my travel experiences.


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