6 Road Trip Workouts I Am Totally Loving

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I’m pretty proud of myself for the fact that, despite chilly temps, I’ve kept up with my fitness routine. I know the fitness momentum I’ve built up this winter will carry me through warm-weather exercise, too.  That’s why I’ve recently spent some time researching workouts I can do while on my summer road trips. Although I’m going to be cruising around the country and seeing everything it has to offer, I fear I’ll find myself a little antsy with the fact that I’m, you know, sitting all day long.

When I’m on the road, I’ll obviously have some (more like a lot) healthy snacks to accompany me, but the workouts will be key to maintaining my progress. Oh, and it doesn’t hurt that I feel so good after I work out — I can’t imagine how great I’ll feel while I’m on vacation and exercising at the same time… my endorphin’s are going to be out of control in the best way possible.

So, here are the six workouts I’m planning to bring with me on the road this summer — I hope they help you stay on track, too.


Gas-Station Squat

Obviously, if I’m driving cross-country, I’m going to have to stop pretty regularly for fuel. And, while the car fills up, I refuse to stand idly by. Instead, I plan to do one long squat-and-hold until the gas pump clicks to signal that my tank is full. If you’ve never done a squat hold, you’re in for a real treat: even if you’re holding for a few seconds or minutes, your legs will feel the burn.

Car-Seat Crunches

Another move I’ve discovered is the seated ab workout, aka the lazy route to achieving the six-pack of my dreams. All I have to do is hold my stomach in, contracting tightly at the bellybutton for 30 seconds. If you can’t imagine what this feels like, try sucking in like you’re trying to button a pair of jeans that have just come out of the dryer — you know the feeling. This is something I plan to repeat as often as possible while on the highway.

Rest-Stop Cardio

Like I said, I will be bringing along a lot of healthy snacks and will probably stop at supermarkets along the way for lunches to eat that are a bit more health-conscious than what I can get at roadside restaurants, fast food chains and greasy spoons.

Of course, once I pick up my salads and sandwiches, I’ll need a place to eat and, while at the rest stop, I can sneak in a bit of cardio, too. A jump rope won’t require much space in the car, and even a 10-minute session will have me breaking a sweat. I can even blast a workout playlist from my car to energize me through my routine.

Sightseeing March

Gone are the days of walking through tourist sights. Instead, I will take a little time at each place we plan to tour to trade my traditional walking for high-knee marching. Okay, okay, I might look a bit silly, but this move will improve my balance, strengthen my legs and core and get my heart rate going. I’m willing to look out of the ordinary for a few minutes if it means staying in line with my fitness goals!

Hotel-Room Arms

Really, you can do a lot of workouts in your hotel room. But with all of my on-the-road focus on my legs and core, I plan to use my hotel room for upper-body workouts. For example, I’ll have plenty of floor space for push-ups, and the edge of the bed can make the perfect base for triceps dips, for which I’ll slightly bend my knees in front of me and my elbows behind me, pushing myself up and down with my back-of-the-arm muscles.

Red-Light Stretch

Finally, after all this exercise, I’ll certainly need to stretch it out from time to time. At red lights specifically, I will be able to put my arms on either side of the steering wheel, bend my elbows and round my back — it feels amazing, I promise.

What workouts do you do while on the road? Which of the above will you try? Let me know in the comments, and happy trails — and training, no matter where you are!  



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    Hi Kacey,

    I didn’t realize we can do workouts on our road trips too! Love the ideas of gas station squat and car seat crunches – easy and effective. That is what we all want indeed 🙂

    Thank you so much for sharing these simple yet practical road trip workouts. Take care and have an awesome day, everyday 🙂

      • kacey
      • March 21, 2017

      I am so glad you enjoyed this post! I think sometimes we tend to view road trips as adventures that are more immobile than others – but sometimes it just takes a little bit of creative thinking! 🙂

      Safe travels!

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