6 Ways to Get Motivated and Really Enjoy the New Season

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Summer is the time to get out and about: go to the pool, have cookouts and go on adventures. Autumn is just the season before you become a shut-in. At least the leaves are pretty, right?

You’re missing out, if that’s what you really think! Autumn may seem like a time of decay and the fading of brighter days, but that’s just on the surface. This season is ridiculously inspiring! There’s much to appreciate about autumn, to do and to learn from the season!

Climb a Mountain mountain-sun

If you live near the mountains or a hillside, going for a hike on a regular basis is a great way to watch the leaves transform.

Imagine seeing the passage of time on the same walk every day. Suddenly, the routine you form isn’t so routine. As the leaves descend, you’ll be able to see through the trees and admire the view. The bright colors of the leaves will be inspirational. You’ll form an appreciation for how routine gets you through the day and doesn’t have to be the same old thing, day in and day out.

You will get winded when you first start walking, but later you’ll breathe more easily and go even farther on your path. Just like life, getting into a routine and starting something new is challenging, yet it’s ultimately rewarding.

Grab Coffee with Friends coffee-cup

Tis the season for coffee. As the winds whip up and the heat dies down, stay warm with a cup of Joe.

Time feels like it passes even faster in autumn, with the leaves turning yellow one day and falling the next. Now is the time to treasure every moment, catch up with loved ones and set short term goals.

The season reminds us that change comes quickly, and that it’s important to keep in touch with friends.  Take comfort and warmth from a fresh cup of coffee and excellent conversation. Talk about your lives, and help each other stay motivated as you reconnect with each other, yourself and your dreams. Be motivated to welcome abundance, love and a go-getter attitude into your daily life this season.

Breathe in the Fresh Autumn Air nature-walk

Who are all these people who claim that summer is the best season? Are they insane? Sure the days are longer, but it’s also hard to breathe in that humidity. Those longer days feel never-ending when there are deadlines to meet and places to be.

As it gets cooler and the night grows longer, remember to relax and breathe. Autumn air is refreshing! You don’t have to work for it. Autumn is perfect for going on a walking meditation or to step outside with a cup of tea and breathe deeply. Close your eyes and inhale for a slow count of three, hold the breath and release it with another count of three. Release stress through deep breathing and to stay motivated!

Play in the Leaves play-in-leaves

Adulting sucks. Rake up a giant pile of leaves and go jump in them!

Playing in the leaves releases your inner child and engages your imagination. This childish act reminds you to see the world again through new eyes, to keep an open and creative mind.

Decaying leaves are nutritious for the soil, too! Playing in the leaves helps to break up them up and is good for the soul!

Be Blown Away photo-1472865893130-a9f66a4de943

There’s something magical in watching a gust of wind pick up leaves and twirl them about playfully. Embrace that feeling in your own life. Dance with the wind and the leaves. Be spontaneous, and remember what is to be in awe of life.

As the wind picks up, the outdoors become chilly. Bundle up in thick coats and cool hats. Watch your scarf and clothes billow in the wind. There’s no fighting the wind. You have to flow with it, just like you do in life. So, imagine you’re really a super hero!

Reap What You Sow 

Autumn is the time of harvest. Enjoy the abundance of all the hard work you’ve done. Make delicious meals for yourself and with family. Take time to prepare for the holidays and coming winter, but know that it’s okay to wind down, too.

All of life is a cycle. Accept rewards and consequences gracefully. Plan for what you will plant next year: set your goals and start making small steps to achieve them. Everything has a season and a reason.

See! Autumn is a season of transformation, both outer and inner. So, don’t shut yourself in—Winter’s not here, yet! Go grab that cup of coffee with friends, catch up and plan your next autumn adventure!


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