12 Wellness Retreats to Attend This Fall

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Most people assume that when summer arrives, it means clearing the calendar of the rest of the commitments you have at other times of the year so you can get out and enjoy the sun. This can be true for some people, especially if you plan your vacation days way ahead of time, but summer brings new commitments that may exhaust you if put too closely together. That’s why wellness retreats may be — or should be — in your near future.

Barbecues, weddings, vacations, they all sound great but if you’re involved in too many all at once, it can be draining. What you need is someplace to go that’ll take you completely out of your schedule and let you put your brain on autopilot. That’s exactly what wellness retreats were made to do.

This fall, take part in wellness retreats to help you reset your body and prepare for the holiday season ahead. These retreats have become the latest self-care trend, and for good reason. They promote the well being of your mind and body, and all offer something different so you can find exactly what you need. It’ll be an expense to prepare for if you budget, but the peace of mind you’ll receive while at your retreat will be priceless. Read on for some ideas to help you find your perfect retreat.

The Peaks Resort & Spa

Telluride, Colorado

Take a trip to the Rockies and breathe in the fresh mountain air. You’ll be able to pause life while enjoying Jacuzzi pools filled with eucalyptus and hot stone therapies to give your body a thoroughly replenishing treatment. Packages are offered if you’d like an extended stay, but for those who can’t get away too long, room rates start at $159 per night.

New Life Hiking Spa

Killington, Vermont

Maybe the idea of wellness retreats doesn’t interest you because you have a rigorous gym schedule that you don’t want to trade in for days of laying around and getting pampered. There are actually fitness themed retreats for people with your same concerns, like New Life Hiking Spa in Vermont. At this spa, you’ll be encouraged to lose yourself in the nature surrounding you by joining a fitness class that incorporates activities like hiking.

Fitness classes and lectures will not only help you stay in your exercise routine but walk away with a broader knowledge of what’s best for your body. For the packaged price of $249 per night, you’ll be making a great investment in your overall well being. Book your stay soon, though, because this resort is only open through October 2.

Le Monastère des Augustines

Quebec City, Canada

There’s even a wellness retreat designed to please the biggest history buffs. When you stay at Le Monastère des Augustines in Canada, you’ll learn how to blend health, wellness and nutrition though both recreational programs and culture-focused activities. When you’re not bettering your body, you can learn from the museum and heritage site, for a package deal starting at $118.

Esalen Institute

Big Sur, California

Ever wanted to swim in an all-natural mineral spring? At Esalen Institute, you can do just that. When you’re not relaxing in a nature-made hot tub, you can enjoy workshops that will teach you about spirituality, yoga, psychology and massage techniques. Pricing depends on what kind of lodging you’d like, starting at $210 each night.

The Omega Institute

Rhinebeck, NY

Many wellness retreats are yoga themed, and one you should check out is The Omega Institute in New York. At this retreat, you’ll have your choice of classes that’ll teach you about Tai Chi, meditation and movement, guaranteeing that you’ll leave with a better sense of how to center yourself in stressful times. To visit, you have the option of staying on campus or off, and if you choose to commute, you’ll only have to pay $50 per day to get access to their food and services.

Feathered Pipe Ranch

Helena, MT

If spending a weekend practicing yoga and doing some hiking sounds like the perfect way to spend your time, then it’s time to take a trip to the Feathered Pipe Ranch. Year-round yoga travel programs and retreats will give you the space you need to restore your mental well being, and the hiking trails and lakes will reconnect you with nature while you’re there. Pay your tuition ahead of the directed deadlines and you’ll get a $20 discount.

Surf and Ballet Fitness Adventure

Nosara, Costa Rica

Wanting to try something new this year? Challenge yourself at an athletic retreat in Costa Rica! You’ll learn ways to fuse your health with your activity level. It doesn’t matter how athletic you are or if you have any experience with dancing. This retreat is all about trying something new while having fun on ATV tours or zip lining day trips. At the end of the day, you’ll be able to relax by the pool or the beach.

ITC Hotel Grand Baharat Spa Resort

Haryana, India

Take a spa retreat somewhere totally new by staying for a long weekend at the ITC Hotel Grand Baharat Spa Resort in India. There’s gourmet cuisine to enjoy as well as programs that will focus on replenishing your mind and body. Sit for a hydrotherapy session or get an ayurvedic herbal oil massage. You can also personalize your trip with a combination of their 64 traditional Indian wellness treatments.

Lanserhof Tegernsee

Waakirchen, Germany

Lose yourself in the breathtaking beauty of the Bavarian Alps at the Lanserhof Tegernsee luxury retreat. Its stunning architecture was specifically designed to treat the needs of guests, with lots of windows, a spacious venue and floating furniture. This retreat focuses on physical wellness, so at almost $800 per night, you’ll have access to reflexology massages, detox baths, guidance for your personal nutrition and bioimpedance analysis.

Sky Ting Yoga Retreat


Anyone who’s ever been to Belize talks about staying at a private cabana directly over the ocean. It’s a picturesque getaway spot, and there’s a retreat there that might be perfect for you. For $300 each night, you can stay for a week to practice yoga and meditation in classes with other adventurers. In your free time, enjoy snorkeling and diving, or have a massage. All meals are included in the overall price, so it’s a bargain trip that will make you want to come back for more next year.

Brenners Park-Hotel & Spa

Baden-Baden, Germany

There are always diet fads that come and go, but one that seems to have stuck around is the idea of detoxing your body. The Brenners Park Hotel and Spa is all about that, so it’s a great place to go if you want to take your detoxing to the next level. You’ll get personal training, cleansing remedies and a custom meal plan to enjoy when you’re not in a fitness class or at the spa. Elegant architecture and views complete the trip and continue to draw visitors in.

Two Bunch Palms

Desert Hot Springs, California

There’s no better place for the eco-friendly minded to relax than at Two Bunch Palms. Their all-natural mineral springs will soothe you in their rustic oasis. It’s one way they offer healing treatments, along with their aestheticians and therapists. This is an internationally recognized retreat because of the skill of their therapists and eco-friendly the venue is, so it’s worth checking out when you get some time this year.


Taking part in a couple wellness retreats could be exactly what you need to rejuvenate your body and mind. If you’ve never experienced one, this fall is the perfect time to book yourself a weekend away. Look around and see which retreats will offer activities best suited to your personality, and then get ready to have a refreshing experience that’ll leave you ready to tackle what life has to offer.


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