7 Travel Gifts to Buy Your Wandering Friend this Holiday Season

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Your wandering friend has wanderlust built into their DNA and no time for unnecessary stuff. What do you get someone always on the go? It can’t be anything physically big, since it’d just end up in storage. What’s compact, travel-friendly, handy and cool?

Don’t worry. This list has your holiday gift covered, with seven ideas your wanderer will love:

Handmade Travel Journal 

While the online world is great to connect to the real world on the go, the wanderer needs to reflect on inner and outer travels in a tactile, personal way. What’s a better way to do so than with a real travel journal?

Go the extra mile and get crafty. Commission an artist to create the journal by hand, or take a book binding class yourself. Knowing that you’ve lovingly made this travel journal will thrill your friend. Add inspirational quotes or a photo of you two inside the journal.

New Passport Holder

Your wandering friend’s passport holder contains stamps with many unique stories, but the holder itself has likely seen better days. It’s time for a new, shiny passport holder.

There are so many fun styles and colors. Buy one with your friend’s favorite country on it or one with the next destination. Include stickers and metallic markers to let your friend customize their passport holder.

Universal Cord Organizer

The tech age is full of handy gadgets and amazing gear, which still need charging. Cord wars are the worst. Now, multiple that angst by ten times thousands of miles in the air, spending hours traveling.

Help your wanderer keep electronic accessories organized with an universal cord organizer to strap cords into their respective locations, all in a zippable pouch that’s easy to store in a carry-on!

Fold-able Flats

Ballerina flats are amazing to pair with jeans, work pants or slinky dresses. They’ve been the go-to shoe for travelers for years, being compact to store and comfortable to wear. Yet, shoes are still hard to stash away when traveling.

Surprise your friend with a comfortable, durable and practical gift with flats that fold! Insert them in a travel shoe bag for an instant gift upgrade.

Inflatable Wine Bag

Got a wandering wino in your life? When your wino brings you back a special zinfandel from the latest adventure, they’re going to need something safe, biodegradable, recyclable and reusable.

Many inflatable wine bags on the market have all these traits and will preserve the special qualities of the wine being transported. Inflatable wine bags are designed to protect against leakage, impact, shifting, and even fluctuations in temperature. You insert the wine, inflate the bag like a balloon with a few breaths and secure.

Portable Washing Bag

Hiking the Appalachian Trail? Going backpacking through Europe? Your wanderer has plans to travel the world and probably will go a few days without washing clothes. It’s to be expected, depending on the adventure. Business travelers, gym enthusiasts and cyclists will also take to this idea.

A portable washing bag is basically a modern take on washing board. Weighing only a few ounces, internal nodules use a little water to wash your clothes, and the bag folds into a pocket size pouch. Your wanderer doesn’t have to worry about washing clothes in a random, dirty sink or if an item will get lost by a launderer.

Water Purifying Bottle

Many health problems that occur while traveling are due to contaminated water. A water purification system is a must-have when traveling, especially abroad or in remote locations. Fortunately, some water purification systems come in a portable water bottle size.

Enable your friend to get safe drinking water while on the go. Bottles that purify water often are equipped with rechargeable lithium ion batteries and use UV light to neutralize bacteria and viruses, among other innovative filtration processes.


Exploration is one of the best parts of being human. The best gifts will help to record memories, inspire adventures and make the life of the wanderer a little easier.

Choose gifts that match the personality of the traveler and their upcoming adventures. Consider what they will need and what will bring stress relief. Inspire your wanderer, and give them a little piece of home to take on the road, too.


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