8 Blissful Destinations to go to If Your Mind Needs a Break

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Everyone reaches that point when your brain is maxed out – both at work and at home. You literally need a break from your immediate reality and surroundings. But, at the same time, you find you’re already stressing about where to go, how to organize everything and what to do when you get there. Your head is spinning before you even leave, and you think you might be more exhausted from vacation than when you left.

Stop. Breathe. female looking down

What you’re really searching for is a destination that will help you unwind, de-stress and recharge. We’ve done the hard part for you. All you have to do is decide which destination out of these eight listed below hits the sweet spot on your relaxation button – and go.

Kona, HI kona hawaii

Also, known as the Big Island, the Kona district is an incredible combination of gorgeous beaches to lounge and relax and exciting opportunities to swim with dolphins and watch the lava flow. You’ll avoid the larger and stressful crowds of Maui and Oahu, without sacrificing the feeling of paradise.

Sip on famous Kona coffee when you need a little pick-me-up before you head out and visit the many great shops and restaurants you’ll find in the historic Kailua Village. You can even take a walking tour and catch all the local monuments and cultural history.

Spa Eastman, Quebec, Canada wellness retreat

This particular spa is a retreat for those needing a true detox from their current environment. It’s been voted the best Spa in Canada by Spafinder’s 2015 Wellness Travel Awards, and has bliss written all over it.

On a sprawling 326 acres in site of Mont Orford, the view is spectacular, and boasts relaxing activities for everyone. There are hiking trails, pools, saunas and hammams, as well as opportunities for health and wellness, like yoga retreats. This is the destination your body will thank you for later.

U.S. Virgin Islands virgin islands

Choose from any of the three islands – St. John, St. Thomas or St. Croix – and you’re sure to find an inviting paradise for your tired feet. If you’re looking for a less-visited destination, you’ll want to head to St. Croix. It offers the same beautiful beaches for lounging and filling up on Vitamin D, as well as a look into the culture and way of life in “America’s Caribbean Paradise.”

You can check out rum distilleries and sugar plantations (it might not go amiss to try a sip or two of that rum either), and ff you need a fix for nature, pop over to St. John for a day to wander through the 7,000 acres of park lands before heading back to dine on amazing seafood.

The Outer Banks, NC surfer-stones-surfboard-surfing-large

Perhaps completely underrated as a tourist destination, this works in your favor if you’re looking for a destination to get away and disconnect. The Outer Banks of North Carolina offer beautiful beaches without the chintzy souvenir shops of most boardwalks and mega resorts. You’ll also be able to dive into the amazing history of the area (remember Black Beard or the Lost Colony? Yeah, that’s there.), or take up kite boarding and surfing. You can’t go wrong.

Napa Valley, CA napa valley

For the wine lover, a retreat in the beautiful hills of Napa Valley is just what you need. Along with sampling some of the best wines the world has to offer (yup, sorry France), you can spend your time taking a safari through a wildlife sanctuary, sign up for cooking classes or go to a cultural event at the Napa Valley Opera House. You can even book passage on a wine train – now that sounds like a great way to unwind.

Lake Tahoe, CA lake tahoe 2

Spanning an impressive 200 miles, Lake Tahoe is every nature enthusiast’s dream getaway. Disconnect from all your mobile devices and reconnect with your beautiful surrounds on amazing hiking trails with spectacular panoramas. Take up some fishing or book a dinner cruise on a paddlewheeler through Emerald Bay. You’ll feel refreshed and recharged in a way only the great outdoors can give you.

Martha’s Vineyard, MA marthas-vineyard-988132_960_720

True, Martha’s Vineyard is known as a getaway for some of the richest and famous, but that doesn’t mean its only accessible to the upper echelons of society. This island off the coast of Cape Cod has magnificent coastlines to lounge on, but also offers unique experiences for travelers, like their agritourism opportunities with local farms. These provide opportunities to get to know locals and help them out – from wineries and breweries to maple sugaring and farm stand experiences. You’ll feel at home while you’re away, and leave with unforgettable memories.

Yellowstone National Park
yellow stone national park

With unspoiled natural beauty that is hard to compare to anywhere else, Yellowstone is a perfect retreat into the wilderness. You can spend time on Yellowstone lake, check out the famous Old Faithful Geyser, or take a peak at the stunning Grand Canyon of Yellowstone. None of these options will disappoint. If you’re feeling a little more adventurous, you can backcountry camp at 300 campsites all throughout the National Park, or decide to go the opposite route and take a guided tour. You’re sure to find an option that suits.

So there you have it. Eight of the best, most blissful destinations out there to bring back your Zen – whichever way you need it. You don’t have any more excuses to postpone your relaxation vacation. Now get out your planner and start making your reservations!


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