8 Great Ways to Make Moving to A New House Easier

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They say that nothing in life is permanent, so as the house that you are living in now. Sooner or later, you will find it too small for the family, or too far from where you work, which will eventually make you move out.


Whether it is your first time or you are already used to moving places, moving houses can be a stressful task. No matter how intricately you planned all the details before the moving day, something will always be not right.


Fortunately, there are tips that we’ve rounded up to help you stay on top of the whole moving out process. Please read it below:

Ask professional movers for help

No matter how organized you can be in packing stuff, asking for professional assistance to help you move out is always the best thing to do. They carry your belongings with care and effortlessly transfer them to your new place with ease.


Accept the fact that you cannot do everything. You’ve done your bit; therefore, it’s time to let those who have more experience do what they do best. There are a lot of affordable moving companies on the internet, searching online is easier, typing “movers + location” (movers Sydney) is a good start.

Declutter your things and donate

As you start removing your clothes from your closet and other items from the drawers, make sure that you have segregation boxes ready. Label the boxes accordingly based on the things you wanted to keep, those you wanted to donate, and the ones you can still sell.


If you see a pair of trousers which you’ve not worn nor seen in the last six months, put it in the “To Donate” box. Old appliances such as the microwave, desktop, and your 5-year old dining set may look better in a garage sale. Not only were you able to save some money, but ultimately you earned extra cash, which you could either keep or use for other more important stuff.

Look for free moving boxes

Apart from being time-consuming, moving house is also money consuming. Therefore, take advantage of any tricks that could help and allow you to save a little bit of cash on the side. Like, looking for free moving boxes, for example.


Visit your local grocery store and ask one of the managers if there are any spare food boxes they could provide you. Be mindful of the stability of the boxes, though. Because if things are given for free, chances are they are the least useful to them. So maybe, use the free boxes for items that are not fragile or not the expensive ones too

Begin packing as early as possible

Starting to pack early, is better than just being organized sometimes. Because, no matter how organized you are, but if you are left with not enough time, you will still find yourself stressed and frustrated in the end.


Give yourself maybe 4-6 weeks to pack depending on how big the house is, or how much stuff needs to be packed. Your availability should also be taken into consideration. If you are working or spending most of the time in school, then maybe add two weeks more on your target date.

Pack one room at a time

If you have a house that has multiple bedrooms, make sure to pack one place at a time. In addition, if the kids are older enough, they could also help you out.


If you live on your own, on the other hand, you may still do the same strategy of packing one room at a time. The only difference is – you pack the room you use the least. For example, you do not usually cook and won’t be able to in the next few weeks because you will be preoccupied with packing stuff. Therefore, start clearing your kitchen and pantry first. Then move to the storage room, then your bedroom and then lastly the bathroom. You may change the order depending on your preference.

Pack liquids carefully to avoid spillage

When packing liquids, it is better to take as little as you can. Do not try to bring everything, especially those that you can easily buy from the supermarket. And then make sure you seal their openings tightly to avoid spillage. You may either wrap the opening with adhesive tapes to secure them. Or, place them inside a plastic bag and then tape it for added protection. Place the toxic liquids in one box and label them so it will be handled with care.

Store valuable items in one place

You should not put any expensive items in your free storage boxes. This is the time to spend that cash from the garage sale to get a sturdier container.


If you are hiring professional movers to help you out, those boxes with your valuable things would have to be in your trunk.

Label your boxes properly

Be on top of the whole moving process by properly labeling all your storage boxes. It would be easier to pack and unpack as well.


Surely, you wouldn’t appreciate opening hundreds of boxes when looking for a cooking spatula.

Wrap Up

The mere idea of moving houses can be overwhelming, and that’s a fact. However, it is all about having the right mindset, tools, and strategy. So what are you waiting for? Grab those boxes, adhesives, and markers and start packing.

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