8 New Year’s Resolutions You Need to Keep for a Happier Home in 2020

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Making a New Year’s resolution is one tradition that you need to uphold every year. After all, there is no better time to re-prioritize your goals in life than now. And this includes having a happier home.


The new year comes brimming with possibilities, and it should get you pumped to look forward to a great 2020.


That said, we have listed down eight home-related New Year’s resolutions that you need to keep:

Keep What Sparks Joy

In case you do not know, the KonMari Method was created by Mari Kondo ‒ a revolutionary Japanese cleaning consultant. The basic tenet of this method is to fill your house of items that only spark joy for you.


It is a minimalist approach to organizing your stuff per category instead of room-by-room. These categories are:





Miscellaneous Items (“Komono”)

Sentimental Items


This is a great method to use when de-cluttering and tidying your home. Not to mention that it allows you to re-think how you value your material possession, as well as evaluate what matters more to you.


Does it matter that you have hundreds of baseball caps in your collection? Or would you rather keep three or five caps that have sentimental value for you?

Cut Down on Energy Consumption

One of the best ways to make 2020 remarkable for you is by cutting down on energy consumption. It does not only help you save up money on utilities, but it is also environment-friendly!


You can start by having a compost bin in your home or apartment. In fact, there are different composting systems that you can use depending on your situation:


  • Composting: Ideal if you have a large enough backyard, and you deal with too many food scraps.
  • Worm Farm: This is a better option if you live in an apartment or condo.
  • Bokashi: You can use this if you are lazy to figure out the “green” compostables to the “brown” ones


You may also reduce your energy consumption by installing solar panels or sealing and insulating your heating and cooling system.

Create a Family-Friendly Kitchen

The kitchen and dining area is where families gather and spend time together to catch up after a busy day. Thus, it is important to have a healthy and family-friendly kitchen.


You can do this by organizing your pantry and making sure that it is filled with healthy ingredients only. Yes, including your kids’ snacks.


Do they have to be organic and free from animal cruelty? Well, if it is available in your area and you can afford it, then go for it. Otherwise, buy the best that you can afford.


Also, do not forget to remove expired items in your pantry, as well as kitchen utensils and appliances that are no longer working. This is to ensure that you will be able to work efficiently in the kitchen, and you are less likely to cause food poisoning at home.


And if you are yet to do it, now might be a great time to practice meal planning and meal prepping.

Get a Room Makeover

Getting a room makeover is one way to spruce up your home’s aesthetics.


It can be as simple as repainting the walls, hanging those frames that have been sitting on the floor, changing the curtains, clearing the loft, or re-arranging the pieces of furniture in your living room.


If you need to buy some items, you would be surprised to know that you can score a post-holiday bargain.

Work Out a Cleaning System

There is no denying that we love to live in a clean house. But do we think the same when it comes to cleaning?


If you are the kind who dreads cleaning, you might want to set up a house cleaning schedule. Doing so prevents you from getting overwhelmed with all the cleaning chores. You will swear to yourself that this is the best thing you ever did this 2020!


Nonetheless, you do not need to do the cleaning on your own. You can ask your family members to help with the cleaning or seek a professional. In fact, we recommend scheduling a deep cleaning session after the holidays to our clients at Planet Maids Deep Cleaning Services NYC.

Improve Indoor Air Quality

Did you know that prolonged exposure to polluted air can increase the risk of chronic respiratory disease, heart disease, and lung cancer?


The air we breathe in, in general, is full of contaminants like dust and pollen. Good thing, you can eliminate these pollutants and improve indoor air quality with the help of an HVAC system. It also comes in handy if you want to eliminate smoke, cooking fumes, and surplus humidity.


Thus, you can start the year right by installing a new HVAC or cleaning the filters of your existing system. If this is something hefty for you, consider having indoor plants in key areas of your home.

Secure Your Home

Your house may be beautiful and organized, but is it safe?


In 2018 alone, it is estimated that 1.23 million cases of burglary occurred in the US. So, if you are in a high-risk area, it is imperative that you secure your home.


It can be as simple as installing drapes and blinds, installing a deadbolt lock, making your glass patio doors burglar-proof, adding an overhead garage door contact, installing a home security alarm and CCTV, and many more.


Another security concern that you need to address is checking your house for potential gas leaks, installing a fire alarm, and making sure that your house is properly ventilated.


In case you already have security features installed in your house, what you need to do is to make sure that they are updated and still functional.

Work on Your Finances

The beginning of the year is also a great way to get your finances right. And you can start that by learning how to budget your money properly.


As Nabin Paudyal of Siplikan Media Group pointed out, “Creating a yearly budget will help you a lot. That way, you know how much you’ll need to spend this year and will also help to avoid overspending.”


Just remember to allocate a budget for your emergency fund, home improvements, and leisure. The last one is important, as this prevents you from feeling deprived. Keep in mind that deprivation can make you fall off the wagon.


If you feel like you are not earning enough, then you might want to think of ways on how you can earn more while cutting down on unimportant expenses.




How do you intend to have a happier home this 2020? Let us know in the comments!

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