8 Reasons to Have Your Wedding at a Hotel

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Choosing where to host a wedding is a big job that no bride takes lightly. Unless you always knew where you wanted it to be, it may not be an easy decision. Many factors go into choosing the right venue, like considering your partner’s and guests’ needs as well as your own. This part of the planning process is when many brides discover how easy it is to have their wedding at a hotel.

Hotels are part of the wedding planning process. Guests will need a place to stay, and if you’re getting married outside your hometown, you will too. You’ll already be talking to hotels about what they can offer large groups of guests and whether they’re available around the time of your wedding. So, why not ask for them to host your wedding as well?

You might want to have your wedding at a hotel for a number of reasons. Read on to learn what they are and why they could transform your entire wedding experience. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by all the options and prices being thrown at you, booking a hotel will feel like a breeze.

1. Everything in One Place

The simplicity of having everything in one location simply can’t be overlooked. You’ll have your ceremony right next to where your food will be prepared, so no one has to drive to a different location and potentially get lost. The hotel will have standard wedding supplies ready for you to use, like tables and chairs. Plus, everyone can stay on-site and just walk downstairs when your wedding begins. Anything that minimizes wedding confusion is a major win for everyone involved.

2. An Included Coordinator

One of the first major expenses a bride will pay is the fee to book a wedding planner. They typically charge an upfront deposit, and you can pay the rest later, but that doesn’t mean they’re necessarily affordable. When you talk with a hotel about having your wedding with them, they may have a coordinator included in your wedding package.

Hotels that frequently host weddings include a coordinator as a convenient way for brides to complete the planning process. When you do the math, these planners are much more affordable and already know the strengths of the hotel that you can take advantage of, like how many rooms there are and how big the space is.

3. The Freedom to Choose Your Room

Another perk of having your wedding at a hotel that was designed to host weddings is that you’ll be able to choose your room. Many wedding hotels have multiple rooms for weddings to happen in. The difference may be the size or the view, depending on the location you’re considering. Make sure to ask the hotel representative you speak to whether the rooms require different equipment, like if they’re set up for a DJ or if you’ll have to use live music.

4. Free Airport Buses

Anyone who’s ever been to the airport knows that businesses near airports often have their own transportation buses, which are free for their guests. Hotels close to airports will most likely have this same feature. They’ll have a dedicated bus, taxi or other form of transportation on a regular travel schedule that your guests can depend on, so no one will have to worry about giving directions or driving around an unknown city. The hotel will handle all that for you.

5. The Fantastic View

While some more traditional wedding venues may look great from the outside, hotels will have a fantastic view no matter where they are. They’re built to be eye-catching, and they’ll make sure their wedding rooms look just as great. Some hotels in bigger cities may even have private gardens or rooftop availability, so you can see the entire city skyline while you’re saying “I do.”

6. Discounted Room Blocks

Booking hotel blocks is something brides have to do whether they have their wedding at a hotel or not. Guests will get much better rates if a hotel can reserve a large number of rooms, but the deals will be even better if you host your wedding at the hotel as well. Depending on how many guests you’ll have, you may even be able to negotiate the room prices and make them even cheaper than what they were in the wedding package.

7. Catering

Look around at your hotel options, and pay attention to what the food service is like in each one. If a hotel just makes a quick breakfast in the mornings, they may not cater for weddings. Nicer hotels that have restaurants in them will have kitchens ready to serve your guests. See if the hotel menu is optional too so that you can personalize your food plan without having to pay extra for outside catering.

8. On-Site Stays

One of the reasons brides deal with extra stress on their wedding day is that they have to worry about making it to their venue on time. You’ll end up spending your day with professional hairdressers and makeup artists, plus some time spent getting into your dress and preparing with your bridesmaids. When you have your wedding at a hotel, you can stay there the night before and have the professionals travel there from down the street. That way, you’ll never have to leave the building and battle traffic to get to your venue on time.

Call up hotels around where you’d like to get married. See what they can offer and if they’ll be able to help make your wedding dreams come true. Hotels are a fantastic resource for brides to take advantage of, so you can save time and money by doing so. Weddings should be fun for brides, even during the planning period. Hotels are ready to help make that your reality, and they’re just a phone call away!

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