8 Remote Places to Get Away From It All

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Thinking to yourself “I just need to get away from it all?” You’re not alone. Everyone knows that life can get overwhelming sometimes. Whether it’s your work, family or personal life, stress sneaks up on you no matter how good you are at multitasking or delegating. That’s where the urge to get away from it all come in!

People usually have a few favorite spots to go to when they need to get out of town, but if those are the only places you ever visit, you won’t be able to fulfill your traveling dreams. This year when you get that itch to break your daily routine, don’t visit the places that everyone else goes to. Find somewhere new to get away from it all and make your own memories.

The best way to do that is to find a vacation spot that’s remote. You’ll be able to have more quiet time away from the busy life of a bustling city or town. You can also make your own memories that no one else will be able to admit that they’ve been there too. You’ll have a unique experience you can treasure your whole life, which is what you should get out of every vacation.

To pick the right destination to get away from it all, check out some of the best remote places to get away from it all. You’ll be able to read up on locations and see what they offer to make sure that where you go is best suited to your personality. Afterwards, book a ticket and relax. You’re about to have the vacation of your dreams.

Tikehau, French Polynesia

Pictures of cerulean waters and floating cabanas surrounded by palm trees are images that you commonly see on tourism advertisements and desktop backgrounds. Why not experience it for yourself? Tikehae has endless coral beaches and a private lagoon that’ll stun you with its natural beauty. Book a flight in and get chartered to the place you’re staying. With diving, snorkeling and lagoon excursions to choose from, you’ll never be bored in the quiet tropical paradise of Tikehau.

Aguas Calientes, Peru

Tons of people visit Machu Picchu every year, so if you want to see the same popular destination without all the tourism, book a room at Aguas Calientes. It’s a town near Machu Picchu that only has 3,000 residents. It’s surrounded by towering green mountainsides and has a lot to do. There’s hiking and thermal springs to see, plus a museum you can tour. It’s a scenic remote location to give you some peace while still seeing a popular landmark.

Għar Lapsi, Malta

Take a break from life in the picturesque waters of Għar Lapsi. It’s a rocky inlet that has crystal clear waters, so it’s perfect for snorkeling and diving. It doesn’t have a beach, but it does have concrete terraces for sunbathing and relaxing. Get a room for yourself in a nearby town and enjoy the day either in the water or at the nearby bar or restaurant.

5 Days Meditation and Yoga Retreat, Iceland

Sometimes a nice retreat is the only thing that can help clear your mind of any stress. If this is the case for you, see if the 5 Days Meditation and Yoga Retreat can help rejuvenate and energize you. The retreat offers eight yoga classes throughout the day in the styles of Vinyasa and Restorative. It’s surrounded only by nature, so when you’re not in a yoga class, you can spend time in the hot springs, sauna or nearby stream.

Blancaneaux Lodge, Belize

Some people want to vacation where they can enjoy rain forests, and the Blancaneaux Lodge is the perfect place to do that. Private cabanas with infinity pools lie under lush rain forest fauna. You can hike, bike or ride horses in you free time. When you’re done, there’s local cuisine to choose from as well as pizza and other Italian foods.

Travaasa Hana Hotel, Hawaii

Hawaii is a dream destination spot for many people because it’s such a popular place to go. In addition to their main resorts, they also offer the Travaasa Hana Hotel. It’s a more remote place to stay in your choice of either rooms or cottages. Activities focus on introducing visitors to the local culture, so there’s lots of historical tours, yoga sessions and dancing classes. If you’d like, you can also put life on pause at their spa, but the location is so relaxing you may not find that you need to.

Pacuare Lodge, Costa Rica

You can get away from the world while being environmentally friendly if you stay at the Pacuare Lodge. It blends into its rain forest surroundings with its elevated, thatched-roofed bungalows. The high quality design of the lodge will make you feel like royalty. Enjoy jungle hikes or canopy tours and then end your day with a candlelit dinner by the riverbank. It’ll quickly become your favorite vacation spot for how serene and natural it is.

Aogashima, Japan

About 250 miles outside Toyko is the island of Aogashima. It has 160 residents and a special focus on inviting people to visit. It has beautiful beaches and lush green trees covering the land. You can get there by helicopter or ship, and be aware when you’re planning ahead that when you’re choosing where to stay, you have the option for three meals each day to be included in your room price. It’s also a great place to camp, so there’s more than one way to enjoy this beautiful island.


The urge to get away from it all doesn’t have to mean that you’ll trade your normal stress for the kind that comes with planning a vacation to a tourist spot. Try taking your next big trip to a more remote location. You’ll have a unique experience that no one else will have had, and you’ll get away from the loud and busy world of tourist attractions. Check out as many remote options as you can find, then book the one that’s best for you. When you breathe that sigh of relief after you arrive, you’ll know it’s worth it.


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