8 Things to Do Before the New Year Begins

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Do you believe that New Years resolutions are counter-intuitive? Is it a bunch of hocus pocus?

When it comes to New Years resolutions, many people start out strong but end up on the couch watching Netflix, because “There’s always next year.” For those who’ve lost faith in resolutions, there are better and more practical ways to start the new year fresh and focused:

Reset Your Mess Now

Deep clean the heck out of your house. Crank up the tunes, and drop that mop until the dust bunnies run screaming to tell their friends: “Don’t go into that house!”

Who says you have to hibernate in messy chaos? Drink cocktails, make art and barbecue in the spring.

When January 1st hits, everyone else will be dreading the oncoming task of spring cleaning, and you’ll be relaxing with your spiked eggnog.

Say How You Feel

Life is short. Say how you feel before the ball drops in life and before the New Year.

Be honest with a toxic friend. Tell your long time crush you’re in love with them. Tell yourself that you can do better, because you believe in yourself. Honesty is valuable and doesn’t waste time, especially self-honesty in this short life.

Do a Social Media Fast for a Month

You’ve got too much tech in your life. Take thirty days to detox and actually connect with your friends and family in person. Write letters, instead of posts. Call, instead of video messaging through some app. Grab a coffee and take a walk.

Social media makes connecting a convenience, and that’s something to be grateful about. Yet, aim for more depth. A social media fast will make you take a longer, slower look at your life, as you stop to smell the proverbial roses for once.

Get Out of Dodge

Go! Go now! Run before they drag you back to work, school or home by your ankles. Get out of dodge, because life gets in the way of plans. Life likes to laugh maniacally at your plan making.

You deserve a vacation. You deserve some distance and personal space. You deserve to travel somewhere you’ve never been for a new experience, even if that’s a restaurant or a campsite a town away.

Go. Life’s not going to wait for you. So, why are you waiting?

See Your Doc

Make the appointment for your regular check up with your primary doctor, dentist or gynecologist. Make it as close or as far out as you need, but do it. Your health is important, and you don’t need it to catch up with you later.

Hug Someone

You may not like hugs. You may not be a hugger. Do it, just this once. Give someone a hug, no matter how awkward, short or long. People need human contact more than ever, because there’s too much grief, anger and anxiety in the world. You need human contact. Get squishy!

Ditch Adulting for the Day

No adulting allowed. This isn’t advice to play hooky from work on a work day, but remember that a personal sanity day is as important as taking a sick day. It’s all about self care.

Release your inner kid. When was the last time he or she got to play? Go swing on a swing set with a friend. Eat ice cream. Watch cartoons. Have a random dance party or build a blanket fort. Indulging your sense of play and imagination are important throughout your lifetime, not only in childhood.

Say No and Don’t Explain Why

Who gave you permission to be in charge of your life? No one. You run your life. Your life story belongs to you.

While it’s polite to decline with apology or to explain why you have to unfortunately miss this lovely occasion, passivity and social etiquette sometimes come with obligations and negativity that infringe on your need for self care and health.

It’s okay say no to family or friends. You are allowed to say no without a reason because this is your life, and sometimes you need to take care of yourself — point blank!

Take the dare. Say no, and don’t explain why.

Resolutions made at the start of a new year are about fresh beginnings. Resolutions don’t have to be big, and even small one time acts may be life changing.

Making a resolution gives you a boost of energy and enthusiasm to make a fresh change and a new start, but the truth is that you’re allowed to do that at any time of the year. Why not do it before the ball drops?



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