8 Useful Tips for Choosing Your Next Travel Accommodation

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Finding your accommodation abroad when you travel can be a job or two.


To find a home away from home is more than just finding a place to sleep and keep your stuff in. It should be accessible, affordable, and comfortable all rolled into one. And it is indeed hard to incorporate these three factors into one space.


However, it may all boil down to which you prioritize the most. Read below to see the rundown of some useful tips you might want to consider in choosing your next travel accommodation.

Choose the right location

Accessibility is maybe one of the most critical factors you might need to consider.


Staying in a remote area, away from all the touristy spots, can be daunting, especially if it’s your first time traveling in that country.


The thing is, those remote accommodations are sometimes the cheapest option. However, if you start to look at each travel time, you have to do and the travel costs, it might be better to find a place that is centrally located based on the itinerary you prepared.


Splurge on the ones that are located near the city center where everything is just one bus or train away. And then you can cut down on the travel time, and travel costs too.

Check the price and rating

If you are traveling with a specified budget in mind, surely the first thing you would look at is the accommodation price. And yes, that is understandable. After all, the second-biggest chunk of money goes to the place you stay, next to your airfare.


However, you should read some comments or ratings by other users too. Do not merely focus on the price. Price and user rating should come hand-in-hand.


If you, as a traveler, had such a good time in one place you stayed into, putting up a comment online does not feel like an obligation. It would come out naturally.


Remember that there are only two things a customer will write a comment on. Services they extremely loved and services they curse to their graves.

Consider renting an apartment or a condo

Traveling these days has even been more accessible with airfare promos here and there. The same thing goes with rising accommodation options.


This generation has been fortunate to have available applications such as Airbnb, which offers different accommodation types.


It is an online platform that allows you to rent a whole apartment for that weekend getaway with besties. Consider this option, and you’ll find great value for money, especially if you plan on staying for a week or so.


You will also save time waiting for each other as all of you will just be staying and coming from one place. Surely renting out a whole unit feels homier rather than staying in a hotel and be limited with the things you could do.


You may also take advantage of the Airbnb turnover service. It’s like room service, only less expensive than when you’re in a hotel.

Check out their on-site amenities

Free access to amenities such as the wellness center, swimming pool, or even Wi-Fi are some of the functional elements travelers look for in an accommodation.


And good thing these features are readily listed online. You can even use the filter button if you’re looking for a specific service in a place.


So there’s no excuse not to be aware of what is included or what is not.

Weigh the food options

Aside from the accessibility to tourist spots, check the nearby food areas too. It is the most practical way of doing it.


Chances are, you won’t have time to cook and or you won’t even bother. So make sure that at least fast-food restaurants are close enough to feed those midnight cravings.


If you are the type of person who prefers to make his or her own meals even on holiday, then maybe find a place that is near a marketplace or a grocery store.

Think of your travel companions

Whether you are traveling with family, friends, or solo, always remember to take this into account.


To rent a whole apartment when traveling with friends is ideal. You can move freely and set your own house rules during your stay.


Traveling with parents would mean booking a hotel stay most of the time. Sometimes a suite or different rooms for privacy.


When you’re traveling solo, on the other hand, and want to be very strict with your budget, then try booking hostels or those shared dormitory-like accommodations. The latter also allows you to socialize with other solo travelers and maybe make new acquaintances.

Be wary of extra or hidden charges

Be extra cautious with hidden fees you might be paying when you check-in. Make sure to read all the small print below before confirming.


Before you start adding extra features during your stays like pick up and airport drop-off, extra mattresses, and the like, familiarize yourself first with its corresponding charges.


Your main goal is to find practical and affordable accommodation, so be very keen.

Review their cancellation policies

No matter how long you have intricately planned a holiday, there are inevitable things that may happen. And there are times you have no other choice left but to cancel it all.


So remember always to review the accommodation’s cancellation process. Some places offer low prices, but you are no longer allowed to cancel. While others would cost more, but give you an option for a full refund when you cancel.


Regardless of your reason, always be on top of their cancellation process.

Wrap Up

Whether it is your first time traveling or you are a pro, to find excellent accommodation remains to be one of the hardest things to do.


But, again, as long as you know your preference and you’re sure of what you prioritize and what you can ignore, then it should not be rocket science.


Geraldine Mills is a self-confessed wanderlust from the land down under, Australia! She funds her adventures by working as a travel writer. She loves sharing the allure of backpacking and being one with nature. Visit this website to check out her other published articles.

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    I like how you mentioned that finding a location to reside in while your away from home is more than just finding a place to rest your head. My wife and I are thinking of looking for long term cabin rentals because we’re considering taking a hiatus in the mountains to get away from city living. I think it’s a good idea for us to go to a reputable location where we can properly reside while being away from home.

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    Thanks for pointing out that you should take nearby food options like fast-food restaurants into account. My 10th anniversary with my husband is coming up in January, and we would really like to take a trip together once it is safe to travel. I will be sure to remember your advice when searching for a great place to stay.

      • kacey
      • November 25, 2020

      Hi Anna!

      I am so glad to hear this! I hope you and your husband are able to celebrate (hopefully by travel) soon!

      Happy Thanksgiving,

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