A Solo Traveler’s Love for Destination Wedding Blogs

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If you’re young and single (like myself), you probably haven’t spent a lot of time browsing destination wedding blogs, let alone traveling to the sites that they describe. You’re missing out. Even if you’re not looking for love, you should be looking for travel tips and tricks from the minds behind destination wedding blogs. This might sound a little odd, but it’s actually just a great way to get inspired.

The locales that play host to destination wedding venues are some of the most beautiful in the world. They always have more to offer than just a backdrop for wedding photos. In fact, some of my favorite places in the world I discovered thanks to destination wedding blogs. Still skeptical? Here are a few ways these destination wedding blogs have inspired me over my years of traveling, and how their recommendations can direct your travel in the future.

Discover New Destinations

Have you ever been to Antigua, Guatemala? How about Franschhoek, South Africa or Ischia, Italy? Have you even heard of all of them? If you followed destination wedding blogs closely, you would’ve. These beautiful and under-the-radar locations are trending in the destination-wedding world. While it’s probably going to take a while for them to hit the mainstream travel blogs, you’ll get a head start if you follow wedding blogs.

Feel the Warm-Fuzzies

Just because I’m currently single doesn’t mean I’m anti-romance. I value love as much as the next person. Being in a beautiful place is even more special by the fact that it’s a sought-after wedding destination. When I stumble upon a bride and groom or even a ceremony in process while I’m traveling, it’s a fun addition to my trip! The warmth that emanates from these couples can add to the overall atmosphere of a travel destination.

Learn About Local Culture

Did you know that in Germany, newlyweds clean up shards of porcelain dishes — smashed by their wedding guests — to conclude their wedding ceremony? It’s their first act as an official team, a reminder that they can conquer anything together. Weddings usually display pieces of a destination’s culture, so it’s a great way to get to know more about local life. Even if I don’t witness a wedding, I usually like to read up on the local wedding traditions.

Find Unique Venues

Most wedding venues don’t operate solely as wedding venues. They’re often restaurants, bars and event spaces that you can check out even as a solo traveler. But since they’re typically billed as wedding venues first and foremost, you might never find them unless you follow destination wedding blogs. Some of the opulent, over-the-top wedding venues around the world are unlike anything you’ll ever see in heavily touristy cities.

Case in point: Castello di Vicarello in Cinigiano, Italy. This rustic castle is 900 years old and just a couple of hours from Florence, but you’d probably never even hear of it unless you were searching for a destination wedding venue. However, it also operates as a hotel, so you can reserve a room even if you’re just traveling solo. Another great example is Montelucia Resort & Spa, a lavish Scottsdale hotel that’s popular for weddings.

Glean Inspiration From the Love

When two people get married, the excitement and love don’t come just from them. It also shines forth from their families and friends. If you like to travel solo and meet people along the way, as I do, huge wedding celebrations are a great way to make some new friends. Many guests stay for a week or two in the location where they traveled for the wedding, and they’re always in a joyful mood. So you’ll make friends and feel the love at destination wedding venues.

Travel Outside My Comfort Zone

I probably never would’ve traveled to aforementioned destination wedding locations like Guatemala or South Africa without any inspiration. Wedding-specific blogs, and the unique destinations they highlight, offer opportunities to get outside of your travel comfort zone. Instead of returning to the Stateside or European cities where you feel comfortable, you’ll find the motivation to experience new places and culture that you might have never traveled to otherwise.


With so many corners of the world that I’ve yet to explore, I’m always looking for new and creative ways to track down unique vacation destinations. Following bloggers who focus on destination weddings breathed new life into my travel routine. I discovered new cities, countries and even continents that I’d yet to explore. If you’re interested in revamping your upcoming travel itinerary in the same way, consider checking out a few destination wedding blogs!



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