How to Add Compassion to Your Self-Care Routine

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Everyone has a routine that they like to stick to, most often because routines help us get through our day successfully. You eat breakfast so you can stay awake at work and complete your tasks. You might exercise in your free time to get stronger and accomplish more in life. Then there are the important parts of your self-care routine where you actually take care of yourself, like when you brush your teeth or take a shower.

Having a good routine means that you stay productive throughout the day even when you don’t feel like it, while you take care of yourself. It wouldn’t be worth it to put all your energy into work or school without eating healthy and doing right by your body so you can keep up your routine in the long run. But what really counts as good self-care?

It’s not just about keeping your body clean and healthy. You should also take time to think about your heart and mind too. Keeping your mentality in a good place is crucial to having a healthier, more positive life and it starts with what you choose to do during your daily routine. Having compassion for yourself is a great way to begin the steps to a better self-care routine, so read on to see just how it can start helping you today.

Be Kind to Yourself

It sounds so simple, but being kind to yourself is a big part of any self-care routine. This doesn’t have to be something you do that causes anxiety, like spending money on a shopping trip. There are plenty of ways to be kind to yourself without changing much about your routine at all. Start doing things like respecting how you feel about things that happen in your life or forgive yourself for the mistakes you make. However you would show kindness to your friends should be reflected back on yourself too.

Try to Be Mindful

A big way you can have compassion for yourself is to listen to your body. Stay in tune with its needs and how its reacting to your daily life. This can be done by being mindful, which is the practice of being present in every moment. Is your body tired? Do you need to give your mind a break? Don’t dismiss the needs of your body just for the sake of pushing on with your routine. Take a second to get started with mindfulness and you’ll be able to transform your self-care routine with ease.

Recognize Your Humanity

Part of being kind to yourself means that you have to give yourself some slack. You’re only human, so you’re going to make mistakes sometimes. Don’t be too hard on yourself when this happens. Recognize that you’re imperfect and that’s okay! When you make a mistake, pause to breathe and then own your mistake and grow from it. You’ll be better off next time and you most likely won’t make that same mistake again. Learning can be part of a self-care routine just as much as anything else.


Think about what it means to have compassion for other people. It means that you empathize with their struggles, don’t hold their mistakes against them and love on them anyway. You do what’s best for them in that situation based on what they need. It’s easy to try to have compassion for other people, but it can be more challenging to have it on yourself. People can mistake compassion for being selfish if it’s directed inward, but in reality it’s not a bad thing to have at all.

People often push themselves to get what they want, which can be good, but it comes back to hurt them if they never stop to just be kind to themselves. When this determination to push through and ignore bad signs from their own mind and body becomes part of your daily self-care routine, it’s time to stop and rethink how you get through the day.

Make a short-term goal to have more compassion for yourself on a daily basis. Tell yourself you’re going to actively do this for a week. Setting a short-term goal will help you not feel too defeated if you find yourself pushing too hard again. Just remember, no one is perfect. Your body and mind will appreciate your compassion whether you show it in big or small ways.


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