Affirmations for Staying Grounded During the Fall Season

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After the relaxation and warmth that comes with summer, fall can feel a bit hectic. Work kicks back into high gear, and shorter days and warmer weather force us indoors. With all this going on, you may lose your sense of being grounded if you’re not prepared with the right affirmations to keep you centered — and to keep you going.

Affirmations are simple: they’re repeated sayings that lay the foundation for your mind believing the statement you make. You can make affirmations work for you by writing down what you consider to be your own “negative” aspects, and then writing statements that cast your assets in a positive light. With time and regular repetition, you’ll begin to see yourself in a much better way, leaving behind any self-doubt you once carried.

To help you get into your best fall spirit, here are eight affirmations to add into your rotation specifically when you’re feeling chaotic and un-tethered. These statements are specially curated to create that sense of grounded-ness you may lose as the season gets into full swing, but don’t worry: with time and dedication to your daily affirmative practice, you’ll be back on your feet in no time at all.

I Am Not Shaken By My Environment

This affirmation works for those feeling shaken by the start of fall, as well as those who regularly experience a sense of being off-center. Affirmations are just one of many ways to regain that sense of self and this one’s great for when your to-do list sprawls, work is crazy and the actual weather is wet and windy. Inside, you’re strong enough to fight back against the outside chaos because you are strong, centered and grounded.

My Grounded-ness Makes Others Around Me Feel the Same

This is a great affirmation if you’re the center of a busy household. With school starting, your kids may, too, feel the dizzying effects of the fall rush. But if you’re an example of calm, they’ll probably follow suit and feel more relaxed about the upcoming school year. Your spouse and other loved ones will also look to you because you lead by this centered example.

I Am Flexible and Adaptable

Amidst the lengthening schedules and the shortening days, there you are, rolling with whatever punches are thrown your way. This is an especially important affirmation to remember as temperatures drop, weather gets wetter and you’re more and more prone to getting a cold or the flu. Battling stress is one way of warding off the flu, so add an affirmation that makes you feel adaptable instead of overwhelmed.

I Am Rooted and Grounded

This one will be easy to remember and repeat as you look around at fall’s most spectacular trees and colorful leaves. Like a decades-old oak tree, you, too, are rooted deep in the ground. Even the chaos that surrounds you won’t cause you to break; instead, consider the fall season as your time to show off this deep-rooted sense of strength.

I Unconditionally Love My Friends and Family

You’re not the only source of your busy schedule. You may find yourself shuttling kids around, whipping up dinners, washing loads of laundry, preparing Halloween costumes and Thanksgiving dinners… and it’s for more people than just yourself. As such, it’s good to remind yourself why you do what you do: because you love your family and friends so much, and they’re a big reason why it’s important for you to maintain a level head.

I Check Up on Myself to Make Sure I Know What I Need

This goes hand-in-hand with the above affirmation. With so much going on with the other people in your life, you may find it hard to check in with yourself and make sure you’re getting what you need, too. This affirmation keeps you on the hook for doing so — you can’t say, “I check up on myself” and believe it without actually doing it in real life.

I’m Living in the Present Moment

Are you the type of person who sees an extra-long to-do list and feels an uncontrollable sense of stress? Rather than let yourself get hung up on the “what-ifs” of your life and the far-off to-dos, focus on what’s happening right now and accomplish that first. This affirmation will help you remain in the present dimension without thoughts about the future interfering with your sense of grounded-ness.

I Am My Best Self No Matter What

Finally, we are all going to be faced with stress and failure in life. It’s important to remember to handle yourself as best as you can in these types of situation. No matter how bad you feel, you are still you, and that’s something to be proud of. With a more positive sense of self, you’ll also have an easier time pulling yourself back up onto your feet. You’ll also maintain your composure when something unexpected or unfair is thrown your way.

These are only eight examples of the many, many affirmations you can use to restore your sense of grounded-ness. Starting here, though, you can feel assured that you’re already ready to face the rest of the fall season with pride, courage, love and composure.  


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