Appreciate the Moon as Much as the Sun

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The Moon Makes Light of its Dark Side

The moon measures: time and death have an intrinsic connection. Indeed, many ancient cultures recorded time’s passage with lunar calendars and traveled by the cycles of the moon and the placement of the stars. The sun dial was also used but more popular later on in humanity’s history, and today’s calendar needs the odd leap year to keep up with how time is currently gauged.

At night, most sleep and dream, and the clock measures the demands of your day and when that time will be up. There are morning larks and night owls, people who claim to be more day or night. Like death, people fear the dark side of the moon and what would hunt unseen in the middle of the night, of ghouls and mythological creatures. People learned to fear what is hidden and what is revealed in time and in the right light.

Consider the light and dark of the yin-yang symbol, similar to how many view the symbolism of the sun and moon. Yin is feminine, and its darkness symbolizes the shady side of the mountain. Yang is masculine, and its light symbolizes the sunny side. Yet, there’s a bit of the feminine in the masculine, symbolized by the small dot, and vice versa. Many cultures see moon as masculine, too. However you choose to see this binary symbolism, if at all, know that the dark of the moon has value and lessons for you in its many phases. There are many reasons to appreciate the moon and its dark side.

Moon Phase Lessons to Consider

From new to full, the moon’s cycles are almost as old as Earth itself. What does a satellite in the sky have to teach you? Much:

The new moon is a time of new beginnings and self-reflection. As the moon begins a new cycle, take time to question what holds you back and choose to start something new. Look at a situation with reflective perspective. The dark of the moon may also bring up your deepest fears and regrets, which are important to acknowledge and process for your growth and healing.

The waxing moon is a time of growth and appreciation of bounty. Appreciate and honor growth in your life—whether you are watching your garden grow, furthering your education, making strides in your career or soon to give birth. Share your abundance.

The full moon is a time completion and fulfillment. This cycle has long being associated with lunacy, but it also symbolizes a full cup. Think of the Hunter’s Moon around October when the moon shown bright and big so more harvesting could be done in preparation for winter. The light shines on what you may have not considered. You shine. Take time for yourself.

The waning moon is a time of release and letting go. This may also raise associations of anxiety, sorrow and despair as the light symbolically fades. This cycle can represent a time of healing and taking things slowly in life.

There is a wild to the moon, as there is a peace. The moon highlights the dark and the light. The cycles of the moon has so much to teach everyone about balance and being.

As you are thankful for the gift of life the sun helps provide, remember the moon, also. Appreciate the moon, no matter if you see a man, a woman or a hare when you look at this celestial beauty!


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