Moving involves a lot of thinking of where you will store items to keep your belongings compact and save space, especially if you’re renting a moving vehicle or working with a moving company such as Gameday Moving Services. If you are like most movers, clothes may be one of the last categories you pack. However, they require just as much care as fragile items due to the amount of. Here are a few tips on how to make space for clothes during a move.

Box your clothes in a plastic tub

The standard moving container is the cardboard box, but cardboard boxes will not offer protection in case you drop one in a puddle or get caught in a rainstorm while moving. A smarter option would be to store your clothes in plastic, airtight containers. Putting your clothing in airtight containers instead makes the most sense because they are waterproof, light weight and less of a hassle in the long run.

In order to make the most out of the containers, tightly roll or fold your clothes and file them. This would be an option rather than stacking them, ultimately allowing you to put the most clothes in a container. This can also be repeated for multiple items, but with less containers. This will allow you to put the most clothes in the container, minimizing the actual amount of containers and increasing the clothing you can put in.

Use a vacuum sealer

If you want to save even more space than you already are, you can store your clothes in a vacuum-sealed bag and then put them into a container. This way when all of the clothes you put in the container, they will be smaller and already shrunk down. Ultimately allowing you to put more clothes in the bag and containers. All of the clothes you put in one of the bags are shrunk down upon vacuuming out the air.

Once vacuum sealed, the clothes are diminished down to a flat package. You can then easily stack each bag or store them in tighter compartments for your move. Additionally, if you sort the clothes into seasons, or in other words seasonal wearing, you will save space in your new place as well because the clothes will already be vacuum sealed and ready to store. It will keep your life organized during the move in addition to the move in process.

Keep your clothes in a dresser

One of the very best ways to store your clothes is simply by keeping them in the dresser. Sometimes, taking them out of the dresser and putting them in a box is just going to take up more space.

If you have the option to keep your clothing in the dresser you are bringing along with you, you can save time and space depending on the size of the furniture. Another option would be to pack your already vacuum sealed clothing into the dresser, ultimately allowing for more clothing to be stored in something you are already going to be moving.

Pack your suitcases and reusable bags

One final way to make space before, during and after your move is by storing your clothes in suitcases. If you are already going to be moving the suitcases with a compilation of other items, it makes sense to compact everything by putting them in a suitcase. In addition, you can use the vacuum seal method mentioned previously and compact the sealed bags full of your clothing into the bags, making even more room. If you don’t have a suitcase, consider any other bags such as duffle bags, backpacks or larger reusable shopping bags. Instead of moving an empty suitcase or bags to your new apartment or home, you can fill it with clothes.

Reusable bags aren’t only good for the environment—they are a great way to save space as well. Plus, you will not have to purchase any plastic containers or additional boxes if you have these on hand.

Store your clothes the smartly

When you are relocating, you want to make the most space possible, ultimately keeping the space in your moving vehicle as open as possible. Whether you are using  a moving company, such as Athens long distance moving, or you are taking it on yourself, there are several ways to make the most of the endeavor. Use your dresser, vacuum sealer, suitcases and bags you already own to pack away your clothes to make moving easy.