Traveling is one of my favorite things to do in life, next to treating myself to a spa day and unplugging for the occasional weekend. Seeing new places and having adventures is just rejuvenating, even if it’s something small like having a weekend trip to the next town over! One thing is always the same though. Whenever I know that I’m about to travel, I always pack some high vibe items to keep my mind and spirit balanced no matter where I’m going.

It’s easy to forget to take care of yourself when you’re planning a trip. I can’t even count the times that I would plan everything down to the last detail, but end up wearing myself down in the process. Then I started reading about high vibe travel tips from other people who travel as much as I do and I realized I could totally change my life. Whether I’m road tripping or flying, I always bring along these high vibe items so I can feel my best while I’m experiencing the best life has to offer.

Healthy Snacks

This is just something everyone should do in general, but eating healthy snacks while you travel really does help keep you centered. There’s no grogginess that comes when you finish something like a candy bar, and now I never feel the general yucky feeling that I used to get after plowing through a bag of potato chips. A couple of my favorite travel snacks are things like carrot sticks or cucumber slices with cream cheese. Giving your body the right fuel will keep you feeling great and energized.

My Favorite Essential Oils

I got into essential oils back when the whole craze for them started a few years ago. What can I say? I love making my home smell great, and if the oil helps me at the same time, I’m all for it. Personally, I like to use lavender to help me sleep while I travel, since I always have problems sleeping well in new places. It keeps me from using sleeping aids that might have bad chemicals for my body. But there are other oils you can use while traveling too, so try a few out to give you peace of mind on your next trip.

Hydrating Elixirs

The word “elixir” is something you don’t hear often, so I generally avoided anything online that talked about mixes that can help you during traveling, but they have seriously transformed how I view my trips now. After researching what you should know about elixirs, I apply them on my skin every morning and night. And when I’m on a tight budget, I swap them out for aloe vera so my skin stays refreshed and retains its glow.

Trusted Crystals

Some people use high vibe travel items to help their spirit while they’re on the road, which is why crystals are so important to have on your list of spiritual travel essentials. I always carry malachite for anxiety that might arise from travel complications and onyx for protection so I know I’ll get to my destination safely. I keep mine in my purse or backpack, but they can also be incorporated into jewelry for easy carrying.

Car Diffuser

Much like I always keep my essential oil diffuser on at my home, I have one in my car too. Road trips can just be exhausting, which is why I splurged and got one of the best essential oil diffusers on the market. There are so many to choose from, but I got one that I can clip onto a car air vent and plug into my laptop once I get to my hotel. I love that my favorite relaxing and healing oils can go with me when I start out on one of my long road trips.

Ethical Water Bottles

Anything you get at a convenience store or airport is going to be way overpriced, and I’ve found myself handing over way too much money for a bottle of water during trips too many times to count. That’s why now I keep the good vibes flowing by refilling an ethically produced water bottle instead. It keeps plastic out of landfills and chemicals from my water. If anything, it’ll save you money, so it’s worth adding to your packing list.


When I start to travel, it’s easy to get overwhelmed with all the worries that can come along with going to someplace new. High vibe items have really helped me keep my mind and body in tune with each other, while keeping stress and anxiety levels down. I’ve seen how much they can turn a trip around and make it that much better, which is why I tell everyone to try out high vibe items in their own travel experiences too.