The Benefits that Come Along with Escaping Your Normal Routine

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It’s human nature to seek escapism from the same old day in, day out routine. You’re not lazy and unproductive to want to break away. Change, zest and whimsy are all benefits of escaping routine.

These sparks of inspiration keep you learning and growing throughout life, excited to find out what’s next. You never know what will happen in the blink of an eye, and discoveries may be found with the simplest of changes:

Soak in a warm bath in the evening, instead of taking a quick shower. 


After a long day, a quick shower refreshes you. Are you really giving yourself enough time? Why should your down time from the day be so swift?

Soak in a warm bath. Let your limbs become one with the water, and let your cares drift away in the tides of the tub as you play with the water, remembering what it was like to be a child. Perhaps the tub becomes the port for a sea, and you have escaped into another reality.

Light candles. Add herbs for a healing sacred bath. In ancient times, bathing in a spring or bathhouse was a divine act of self-care. Honor yourself.

Shock your barista with a new order. 

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Your barista knows your regular coffee order for the morning rush and the afternoon slump. Change it up by ordering a lavender or chai tea. Strike up a whole new conversation with your barista, and possibly discover a new drink that you’ll love.

Having a barista who knows how you take your coffee is a sacred bond. Your barista can be trusted to make recommendations. It’s amazing how a someone you barely know could know more about you than you’d imagine.

Make yourself a fancy snack when you can’t sleep. 


When your inner night owl keeps you up, treat yourself with the ultimate comfort food—a midnight snack.  You can make it a childhood classic, or something out of the blue. So what if it’s midnight?

There’s something satisfying about cooking while the stars are out. Whether it be the pop of the toast in the toaster or the sizzle of cheese dripping over the edge of a slice of bread in a pan. They say the moon is made of cheese. Partake.

Sleep in, or wake up early. 


Do you usually sleep in or wake up early? Do the opposite on your day off.

Stay in bed until noon. Keep books and snacks nearby, and turn off your cell phone. Wear your comfy pajamas. Bundle yourself up into a blanket burrito, and let yourself rest, butterfly. Remember what it is to dream.

Wake up early and drink coffee with the sun rising. Even if you end up going back to bed, you’ll have woken up with the sun and watched its rays paint the landscape. Take in the start of a new day, and recognize the beauty in beginnings.

Choose a different path to walk.walking-in-field

Every choice you make, every direction you choose actualizes an idea into reality. When you walk to work or walk your dog, take a different path. Go in another direction on your morning run. Dare to choose another path and explore the unknown. You may be pleasantly surprised.

Take in details around you through the five senses, and be in the moment. When you wake up every morning, change up your routine by laying in bed for five minutes and focusing on your breathing.

Trust your whims. See how it opens a whole new window to view the day in a different way. So much can happen in just one blink!



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