Beyond the Bright Lights: Home Decor Tips Inspired by Vegas & Hollywood

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Like it or love it, anyone who has ever visited Hollywood or Las Vegas cannot deny that these two iconic cities have style. Big, glamorous, and in your face, there’s no time for subtlety, and huge dramatic features certainly set the tone. If you can’t get enough of it, why leave it in the hotel room? When it comes to interior design, browsing through a list of homes for sale in Los Angeles or Las Vegas can point you in the right direction.

Don’t chance it by rolling the dice – with a little planning, and a few tips and tricks, anyone can recreate the magic of Vegas or Hollywood in their own home. Read on to see how it’s done and soon you will be wowing your friends with your Vegas and Hollywood inspired home. We promise not to go too over the top!

Loud Leather

When considering furniture, think back to the casinos and movie studio and go for something big and bold: leather. The classic touch of loud leather fits right into this iconic style. By using bright colors, your couch or armchairs become a key feature of your home. Adorn with contrasting colored cushions and throws to bring some balance to your fashionable living room.

When thinking about the style, you might go one of two ways; retro or modern. Retro pieces, such as a stunning leather chaise lounge harken back to a time of glamorous movie stars. Or, a more simplistic, modern couch fits in with the cool and sophisticated style you might find in the casinos of Vegas.

Big, Bold, Drama Pieces

In Hollywood and Vegas, there’s a simple rule; go big or go home! This applies to your home decor, so look for some stunning pieces to add a dose of drama to your home. Oversized chandeliers hint at luxury, while opulent statues give a nod to the grandiose characters of yesteryear.

These dramatic pieces can also be a source of color in any room, with huge, bold rugs transforming an otherwise restrained space. Alternatively, give your walls a makeover with huge framed artwork in the style that best suits you.

Curious Console Tables

A common sight in hallways and entryways, the meek console table can also benefit from a makeover. Give it a touch of glamour by using it to display artwork or even a large mirror. When it comes to mirrors, there are many different ways you can use these decor items to create a unique look in your home, too. Balance is key here, and even if you do plan to go over the top with the main decor, it’s worth adding some more simple vases or pots to distract the eye, preventing the main piece from becoming overbearing.

Alternatively, why not allow your console table to be a statement piece in its own right? With the right table, you can make a stunning impression even if it’s left bare.

Recreate the Bright Lights

The bright lights of both Hollywood and Las Vegas are sure to dazzle and leave an impression, and therefore lighting plays such an important role at home. You might select huge, opulent chandeliers to dominate the ceiling, or splash light by using several smaller fixtures. Use white carpets to make your room look more expansive and brighter, too.

For those armchair movie moguls, try using old studio spotlights as floor lamps. These look great anywhere and soon become a talking point, working especially well in an office or basement. And for the more glamorous, create your own makeup mirror, complete with bare bulbs to really set the scene.

Attention Grabbing Touches

There’s no need to hold yourself back, so go all out by taking a risk on some elaborate touches. These features may look slightly out of place, but with the right eye they can work amazingly well and demand the attention of guests. A cello wine cabinet or a wine barrel bar are two good examples of things you might not normally find in your home.

For those who truly appreciate a good poker game, you might consider using playing cards for decoration around the home, or even framing one or two of your favorite giant playing cards. Giant dice foot stools are another emblematic touch, while oversized casino chips can be used as coasters or even place mats.

Vintage Pieces

To truly recreate the golden era of Hollywood, you need to turn back time and pick up some vintage pieces to dot around your home. An old gramophone is a talking point in any living room, while vintage clocks and radios look superb in the kitchen and bedroom alike.

Redecorating your home in the Las Vegas or Hollywood style might be flamboyant, but there is such a thing as too much of a good thing. Though it may not seem like it at first glance, balance is important to avoid cramming your home full of over the top furniture and decor!

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