Casual Wedding Ideas for Low-Key Couples

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For many people, the day they marry the love of their life is the best day ever. But, that doesn’t mean you have to spend all your savings to make it special. Not every couple needs every perfect little detail on their wedding day. Whether you plan on keeping things relaxed to save yourself time, money, or stress, you can choose from plenty of casual wedding ideas to make the day you say “I do” truly magical.

Here are four casual wedding ideas for low-key couples who want to get back to basics on their big day.

1. Limit Your Guest List

It’s easy to get carried away as you make the guest list for your wedding. If you invite your cousin Jack, then that means you have to invite all your other cousins, their kids and so on — right? Wrong.

This is your day, and that means nobody can question you about the choices you make. Limit your guest list to only the people you and your spouse-to-be absolutely must have at the wedding. If any distant family members or long-lost friends get upset about not making the cut, you know you made the right choice. Anyone who truly loves and cares about you will understand your decision to keep the ceremony small has nothing to do with your relationship with them.

2. Use Greenery Instead of Flowers

The priciness of flowers and other decor elements is often shocking to many couples. Instead of filling the ceremony and reception with bright, colorful flowers, opt for greenery instead. In addition to creating a more relaxed, casual vibe, you’ll also save a lot of money. The bride and her bridesmaids can even carry greenery with them down the aisle, perhaps adding a few small white roses to the bride’s bouquet.

3. Simplify Your Menu

Ditch the steak and seafood — a fancy meal is one way to ruin a casual atmosphere. Instead, consider the many ways in which you can simplify your food options, such as by serving:

  • Food from your favorite restaurant: If you and your partner love going to Chipotle, offer your guests a build-your-own burrito or burrito-bowl bar catered by the Mexican-American restaurant. Maybe you met delivering pizzas together in college — why not serve food from the shop you worked at together? These casual wedding ideas for food are very low-key indeed, but they also have a special sentimental meaning behind them that no lobster dinner could ever live up to.
  • Comfort foods: What’s not to love about a burger bar or backyard barbecue menu? Your guests will enjoy filling their plates with the comfort food they know and love. For a barbecue theme, be sure to include meat — preferably both chicken and pork — and a few classic sides like mac and cheese, potato salad, baked beans and coleslaw. For burgers, be sure to have all the traditional toppings and maybe a few bonuses, like avocado, bacon and fried eggs. If you have any vegetarian guests, you could also serve veggie burgers and provide a salad bar.
  • Family recipes: If your Aunt Sally makes the best mac and cheese known to humanity, ask her to make a batch. Your family members will most likely be thrilled to support your no-frills wedding, and they’ll be flattered that you asked them to serve their recipes for such a special occasion.

4. Surprise Your Guests

A great way to really knock your guests’ socks off is by completely surprising them. Whether you’re already engaged or just want to skip that part, you don’t have to tell your friends and family they’re actually attending your wedding. Instead, invite them to your “engagement party” or “housewarming party.” If your wedding is near a holiday, you could invite everyone together to celebrate that, too.

The element of surprise is a great way to avoid all the drama and stress that can come during the days before your wedding, such as guests asking where you’re registered, what the dress code is, if they can bring a date and more. Plus, when people aren’t expecting a wedding, they will be impressed with it even if it’s a casual one. This is a popular option for couples celebrating their second marriages.

Casual Is the New Luxurious

Don’t let society pressure you into throwing an extravagant, expensive wedding if it doesn’t represent you and your soulmate’s styles. Keep things relaxed and simple by following these four casual wedding ideas and wedding checklist. Don’t be afraid to come up with a few fun elements no one has ever heard of before, too! It’s your day, and you deserve it to be exactly the way you want it.

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