Change is On the Horizon: What the End of Summer Brings Us

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Summer encourages you to lounge by the pool and make the most of the longest days of the year. The end of a hot summer signals the crisp coming of autumn. As flowers fade, so does summer, but the season’s end offers many powerful lessons.

There is a poignant beauty to autumn, with its cascading yellow and red leaves as the approaching winter blows cold air into your lungs. Many associate autumn and winter with death, as traditionally both humans and animals tended to stay in, hibernate and feed off of stored reserves from the harvest.

Yet, autumn doesn’t bring death. It heralds change from the transformation of leaves to the nurturing of seeds. The season is a call to witness and reflect on your relationship with change.

A Reminder that Every Moment Counts

Between seasons, you’re reminded that every moment is important as it happens. For most, time passes faster in autumn, because it is the change that is most visible. The blatant dapples of yellow into red catch your attention, and before you know it, it’s winter.

For every season—for every change—there is a reason. The end of summer brings growth, even when it appears to herald decay.

The Nurturing of Seeds 


The seed is the potential for life and represents the potential of ideas before they are born into this world. Each season contributes an important part to the cycle of life and death on the planet. As the air turns crisp, leaves fade to yellow and red.

One by one, each leaf falls to touch the ground. When you walk your dog or a squirrel scurries over the leaves to store acorns, each step breaks up the detritus of leaves. Each step embeds the nutrients of that leaf into the earth to make the soil richer, providing the perfect environment to nurture a seed’s growth. Be inspired to nurture the seeds of your ideas and life.

The Abundance of Harvest


Autumn traditionally signaled a time of harvest for villages across the world. It’s important to accept abundance into your life at this time. As the air turns cooler, wrap yourself in the warm embrace of long sleeves, wool coats and knit scarves.

It may be the end of a crop’s yield, but for many families the end of summer means canning season. For every harvest, generations gather to pickle and make jams, passing along wisdom. Harvest brings the grandmothers who pinch the cheeks of children and ask how the new year at school is going. The abundance of harvest brings families together to gather around the hearth, to store food and to store wisdom.

A Reminder to Breathe and Be


The leaves of each tree in autumn are unique. A sugar maple turns a yellow almost as blatant as a summer tulip, yet becomes a warmer, creamy color like butter. Some leaves change color slowly, leaf by leaf. Some trees transform from a yellow-green to red overnight, or so it seems. The timing of when leaves change is different for every tree and region.

It’s similar to the timing for the events of your life. Some transformations are sudden, and others are slow. The transformations in your life and their timing are unique to you.

Imagine the cool air blowing through the trees. Some leaves fall, while others remain on the limb. The air fills your lungs with relief as you breathe in deeper. Autumn has a way of making you notice change as it happens with more appreciation. The season reminds you to breathe and be, where the hottest days of summer sometimes stifle you. Autumn seems to say, “Remember, this too shall pass.”

Change is scary, but it’s also exciting. As the shifting of seasons are vital cycles of the planet, so are the shifting seasons of your life. The environment in autumn is completely different than summer, with crisper air, wavering trees in the wind and a palette of leaf colors.

Remember that change is beautiful, too. New opportunities, ideas and inspirations come with what passes. The shifting of one season to the next is as powerful as watching a lunar eclipse or the moment when the last rays of sunset fade into the night. Take a deep breath, grab a warm cup of coffee, and bear witness to each beautiful moment of transformation.




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