Decor Tips for a Wanderlust Inspired Home

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Over the course of my travels, I’ve stayed in some dreamy homes and hostels around the world. When I return to my own abode, I want to bring a piece of these international locales with me. That’s why I work to create a wanderlust inspired home with every decorative piece that I pick. From the light fixture hanging above my dining room table to the blanket tossed artfully across the back of my couch, almost everything has a story that points back to my love for exploring the world.

Designing a wanderlust inspired home is no small undertaking. As you jet-set, you have to constantly be on the lookout for pieces that would work in your home — not to mention fit in your carry-on. But when you find the perfect accent to add a bit of international flair to your abode, there’s nothing quite like it. If you want to infuse your home with global vibes, here are a few ways you can create a wanderlust inspired home.

Display Travel Snaps

One of the easiest ways to transform your living space into a wanderlust inspired home is to simply add some photos from your travels. But instead of printing out small photos and just throwing them into random frames, try making a focal point out of your most beautiful photo instead. Print a panorama and split it into a triptych, then find chic but simple frames so that you can hang it on your wall as a conversation piece. You can also create a gallery wall featuring all of your favorite snaps.

Add Cartographical Touches

You don’t actually have to travel anywhere to enlist this simple tip: just add maps. Or globes. I like to spruce up my space with maps of my favorite cities around the world. Whether it’s a postcard or a vintage map I score online, I like to frame them and hang them around my space as a reminder of my many travels. You can do the same thing with any old-timey globes you see at a thrift or antique store. If you’re really dedicated to the theme, you can spring for a pull-down map like the kind in a classroom.

Stow Textiles in Checked Bags

If you’re embarking on a trip soon, keep an eye out for blankets or decorative rugs crafted by a local artisan. Simply tossing an internationally crafted blanket across your bed can help to tell the story of a getaway that you just enjoyed. If you stumble upon a beautiful tapestry, you can also display that as more conventional wall décor in the living room. It’ll make for a good conversation piece when you entertain.

Use Mediterranean Hues

If you want to create a subtler wanderlust vibe in your home, don’t exhibit knick-knacks from your travels. Instead, modify the color palette of your home. Right now, I’m loving the soothing white, blue and gray tones that you’ll see splashed throughout many traditional homes in the Mediterranean. Perform a complete home makeover to update your color scheme or simply add a few new pieces (or refurbish your old pieces) to make your space more Mediterranean-chic.

Re-purpose a Vintage Suitcase

If you’re a huge fan of DIY projects like I am, then the possibilities for your wanderlust inspired abode are basically endless. One of my favorite Pinterest travel-décor trends is the suitcase table. There are lots of ways to incorporate a vintage suitcase into the design of your home. You can try stacking a few old-timey suitcases of differing sizes and colors or transform a single vintage suitcase into a side table or end table that will boost the aesthetic of your living room or bedroom.

Showcase Your Collectibles

Do you pick up an artisan-made plate in every city you visit? Maybe you like to keep a coin or two each time that you encounter a new type of currency. Or you could be obsessed with postcards from around the world. Regardless, you can take your collection and put it on full display. Depending on your chosen collectibles, create a vignette on a floating shelf or find a way to frame them so that your friends can get a taste of your travel background without even having to ask.


When you’re living that travel-addict life, it’s only natural to want to bring some of your globetrotting back to home base. Whether you frame your best beachy photos or take an antique suitcase and turn it into something new, embrace your jet-setting tendencies in whatever way jives with your style. It won’t just take your interior design game to the next level, it’ll also give you something to talk about the next time you host a dinner party. Start with one of these wanderlust inspired décor ideas.


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