Destination Wedding Tips for Brides on a Budget

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After you get engaged, wedding planning might be all you think about. While some of it is sure to be enjoyable, other parts of planning might not be as easy. For example, choosing where you’ll have your wedding is a major decision to make if you want a destination that isn’t as traditional.

Read on to see what destination wedding tips could apply to your ceremony. You’ll be back to daydreaming, trying on dresses and tasting cakes in no time.

Start with a Budget

Like most things in life, weddings must start with a solid budget. Unless you have more than enough money to spare, you’re going to want to allocate certain amounts of cash for each part of your ceremony. Depending on the size of your wedding, your theme and what you want to make happen, you’ll need to spend more on some parts than others. It’s good to start with an estimated budget and whittle it down to more realistic numbers as you talk to venue representatives.

Research Bargain Locations

You’ve been flipping through bridal magazines and clicking on endless pins that have shown you gorgeous beaches and mountain getaways for your wedding. You can get that same breathtaking beauty without having to pay a large price tag. If you research bargain locations online, you’ll find that romantic getaways can be both affordable and luxurious.

Consider a Weekday Wedding

Think about what it’s like to try to book a hotel room for a beach vacation in July compared to October. The prices for the summer will be way higher, and the same goes for wedding seasons, too. Certain months will be more popular, like May and June. Weddings also typically happen on the weekends, so consider having a weekday wedding, especially in a less popular — but still fantastic — month.

Work on Your Guest List

If you’ve been able to get started on your guest list, you’ll know it starts off easy and gets much more complicated as you go along. You’ll start to remember friends and extended family members that you’d like to be there, but guests add on expenses for venue space and catering. Save money by narrowing down your guest list and put it towards the destination of your dreams.

Remember the Taxes

The taxes on your location fees will be much different if you’re comparing venues in different countries. Double check how the conversion rates work and make sure you’re coming out even. You can also get a tax break on other wedding expenses, like with your decorations or leftover food.

Team Up with Local Businesses

One of the best ways to save money is to team up with local businesses wherever you end up deciding to have your ceremony held. They won’t have shipping and handling fees or charge you for their travel. That includes people like your photographer, so do some research on the area where you’ll get married or where you think you’ll most likely end up choosing.

Businesses will be more than happy to discuss potentially working with you by providing estimates. Don’t leave your budget up to guesswork! There’s nothing wrong with asking for a quote and saying you need to think about it. Local businesses will be happy for the work and for a destination bride to support their local economy.

Ditch Expensive Traditions

There are plenty of traditions that go along with getting married. As a destination bride, you might be more flexible with the idea of not having some of them in your big day. If your guests have to fly or drive to the location, you may be able to cut some corners.

Only book hotel rooms for as long as you’ll need them. Usually the night before and possibly the night of your wedding. Skip the catered rehearsal dinner and have it at a family member’s home instead. You can also opt to not have a bridal shower or have a small bachelorette party. Many brides go all-out for these by taking their friends on trips, but that doesn’t have to be the case for you.

Planning a destination wedding requires a lot of extra thinking. You probably won’t have any personal knowledge of the location you choose, as you may not have been there before. That means you’ll have to be ready to do your research.

You can save money on whatever kind of wedding you want to have. Now that you’ve read about some destination wedding tips, you’ll have a better idea about how to approach your wedding planning. Compare destinations that are pitched as budget-friendly first. Call local businesses to get quotes and decide what traditions you really want to have on your wedding day.

You’ll figure out all the details in time, so don’t feel stressed about getting all the answers right now. Focus on what you want to do to save money and where you’d feel better about putting that extra cash. In the end, you’ll have the destination wedding of your dreams without going home to an empty bank account.


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