DIY Wedding Projects: Make These for Your Wedding and Then Use Them at Home

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Because every part of a wedding adds up, you’re trying to find lots of ways to save money. DIY wedding projects can reduce your expenses — but they can also take up your time and concentration. Your wedding day is special and deserves your attention, yet somehow it doesn’t seem worthwhile to craft projects that will never be used again.

Fortunately, there are many wedding decorations you can reuse to spruce up your home after your wedding has come and gone. Check out these seven DIY projects that can enhance your venue and your home.

Hand-Lettered Signs

If you’re skilled at painting pretty scripts, you can easily pull off hand-lettered signs. Whether you choose a wooden backdrop or a reclaimed window, you can make a versatile prop for your wedding that can turn into a charming wall hanging afterward.

Make sure the written message fits your celebration and your home. Simple calligraphy signs that say “welcome” or mark the significant dates in your relationship are sweet additions to both places.

Hanging Photo Displays

Grab some string, a rugged frame and a few clothespins for this lovely project. Hanging photo displays let your guests see significant moments in your relationship leading up to your nuptials, and you can construct one yourself. Choose your desired empty frame, then suspend yarn or thick string where you’ll attach your photos.

A photo display where you can clip your choice of pictures is adaptable for the home because you can switch the photos out whenever you feel like it. Place it in your living room as a decorative exhibit.

Understated Garlands

Laying lush garlands across your reception tables or chairs can give your wedding a romantic look, and you can piece together your own garlands, too. Your natural centerpiece isn’t limited to your wedding, though. Vibrant greenery can also make great home decor, so arrange it on your mantel or weave it through your banister.

Marquee Lights

Build these iconic lighting fixtures to elevate your tabletop designs at your wedding. Enlist some help from your spouse-to-be or your family, because this hands-on project is more involved. The result is impressive, and you can prop these up on your food stations or near your guest book.

After the wedding, marquee lights can be shown off on your bookshelf or in a window. Continue using them for a creative source of light and a fresh embellishment.

Woven Jute Table Runners

Create these layered and earthy table runners as the base for your wedding tables, especially if you’re going with rustic farm tables. While this is a textured and chic look, it also doesn’t require much effort and is cost-effective. Dust off your sewing machine to get started on these woven accessories.

Because these table runners are neutral and classy, you can add one to your dining room table during any season. Transition these to your home to make your place inviting and down to earth.

Cushioned Pallet Seating

Transform basic pallet boards into cozy lounging furniture for your wedding guests. For outdoor receptions, these handcrafted sofas make fun and charming seating options. Pick out weatherproof cushions to secure to them that match your wedding color scheme.

You can set up your pallet couches on your deck or patio to keep using your DIY creation. Haul them back to your house to continue reclining on your wedding-day seating.

Rope Ottomans

For a taste of nautical decor, convert a large tire and coarse rope into an upcycled ottoman for your celebration. You can offer these solid seats as a place to rest and watch the dance floor.

Your hard work can contribute to your wedding layout and your house’s outdoor hosting area. These neat stools can boost your home’s exterior design — just slide your rope ottoman onto your porch or balcony for an extra spot to put your feet up.

Get Double the Use From Your Homemade Decorations

Extend the life of your handmade wedding decorations by incorporating them into your home. Your time DIYing these decorations won’t be wasted, and you get to dress up your interior with unique pieces from your wedding. Pick your favorite and get started on your versatile craft.

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