Wellness Destinations I Want To Visit This Year

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This coming year I have some amazing wellness destinations I want to go visit. For anyone who hasn’t had a wellness trip before, it’s basically a vacation where you focus all on you. You’re supposed to relieve stress, refocus your energy and come back to your regular routine with a new sense of drive. They can be exactly what people need after a stressful holiday season. Check out why these wellness destinations make me so excited to celebrate the new year and hit the road.

  1. Richmond, Virginia

When you think of what a wellness destinations trip might be like, you may think of expensive resorts and care packages that include things like going to the spa or getting your nails done. It actually doesn’t have to be that way though! Sometimes the best way to treat yourself and relax a little starts with something you may already have at home.

As someone who’s been through a lot of American history classes, I plan on visiting Richmond to learn more about its history and see some of the things I’ve only read about in books. When I’m not on a historic tour, I’ll be checking out some of the many wineries in the city. Nothing sounds better than relaxing with a glass of wine in a setting surrounded by nature and history.

  1. Honolulu, Hawaii

Everyone has always told me that if I considered myself a traveler, I had to visit Honolulu at some point in my life. I haven’t been able to go yet, but next year is when I’ll actually make the trip. Laying out on the beach, exploring the island or seeing all the locations that have made history through WWII all sounds like a great trip for me. The relaxation and learning are definitely wellness features that I’d love to have in my life.

  1. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Pittsburgh is a big city. I would love to treat myself to a football game and check out some of the local restaurants. Does stopping at a few of the best spas in the city make it a wellness trip if I eat all my favorite comfort foods at new restaurants? No one can convince me otherwise!

  1. Los Angeles, California

Another thing that wellness trips can do is change the perspective you have of your daily life. I have a nice house in a quiet neighborhood, which is why I think throwing myself into the star-studded world of Los Angeles would be a great thing to do. When I go, I’ll throw myself into every cheesy tourist activity and use the trip as a distraction from my stressors back home.

  1. Austin, Texas

Austin, Texas is known for its rich history and architecture, but it also has an incredible amount of dog parks for locals and visitors. I’m going to stop by the city with my dog so I can see a new place and take my furry best friend to multiple parks so he can meet new friends. Dogs are welcomed in most places in the city, so I’ll be able to have fun while also having the peace of mind knowing that my dog is enjoying himself and not stuck in a kennel somewhere.

  1. Raleigh, North Carolina

Taking a road trip through North Carolina seems like a great idea for me for a wellness trip, because there’s so much to do in the one state. You’ve got the mountains, the beach and then Raleigh, the center of it all. My main goal with this road trip will be to focus on art shows in different cities, and then while I’m in Raleigh, I’ll eat at some of the best restaurants and stay at a luxury hotel.


You don’t have to have a ton of money to visit these wellness destinations, but you do have to know what cities offer things that will help you find wellness when you go. Now that I’ve done my research and found some great places to travel to, I’ll accomplish some wellness trips in the new year. Think about what you’d want from a wellness trip and then treat yourself to a weekend away that’ll refresh and re-energize you to come back and keep accomplishing your goals.


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