Embrace the Spring: The Season to Bloom

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Daffodils, with their bluntly vibrant and yellow blooms, are sudden tidings that spring has arrived. Seedlings waiting all winter take root, soak up the rain and spark into being.

The sudden springing forth of the season is always surprising, especially after a long and cold winter. You want to stay wrapped in your blankets, but you also want to dip a toe into the creek and splash around. Your eyes slowly open to all the new, beautiful things around every corner of life, and it encourages you to embrace all that spring has to offer.

Get in Touch with Your Roots 

The early days of the spring season are still tinged with the chill of winter, encouraging you to reconnect with your roots as the seeds of life begin opening to blue skies.

What do you love most about your home, and how can you enhance its connection to your idea of personal sanctuary? Take clippings of old herbs and branches from the winter season and intermingle them with new blooms to symbolize the transition in your home from winter to spring, adding an unique flower arrangement to your table.

Take part in old and new traditions with loved ones. Take a road trip to visit your family you haven’t seen in forever. Share traditions, photographs and stories.

Bring an old hobby or activity from your youth back to life. Have you stopped dancing, painting or building? Reconnect with a craft that added spark to your daily life.

Nourish Yourself

Birds flock from shrub to shrub, tree to tree, eating fresh berries. Blueberries, strawberries, elderberries and persimmons are all coming into season soon, inviting you to nourish yourself with fresh fruit and other treats in home cooked meals.

Spend time in your garden, nurturing your plants, and start a small herb garden to add extra flavor and nutrients to your dishes. Many herbs do well indoors, also, with four to six hours of sun, such as basil or oregano. If you don’t use chemicals or pesticides on your lawn, consider learning about wild edibles with a local specialist and making tasty wild weed dishes such as chickweed pesto!

Share Your Seeds of Wisdom and Beauty

As the winds share seeds of blooms blown, ants and bees help to pollinate plants. There is a rhyme and reason to the beauty all around you.

Where you are inspired, act upon that inspiration and share your wisdom. Teach a skill to a young neighbor, volunteer and spread acts of random kindness, like the seeds of the season. Nurture future growth in your community.

What inspires you? What adds beauty to your life and to others’ lives? Tuck quotes and drawings into hidden places for friends and strangers to find. Share your creative talents with the world. Share bits of wisdom and beauty with others to make the world a better and brighter place.

Embrace the spring, with its blooms bursting forth from seedlings. Reconnect with your roots, nurture yourself and spread seeds of wisdom and beauty. As spring inspires, may your life be filled with blessings and blossoms of abundant joy.


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