Expecting the Unexpected: When Travel Plans Fall Apart

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This post comes from travel blogger, Adam Nutting.

For some people, every adventure starts with a plan. You might have spent a considerable amount of time working out every little detail such as where you will be starting, ending and everything in between. You have packed all of your gear, triple checked your lists and everything is in place. On the other hand, there are people who wish to be a bit more whimsical about their preparation. They pack last minute, have no real plan and hope that whatever choices they make will yield a grand adventure.

No matter your style of preparation your adventure is just about to begin.


An adventure does not always have to be a large, grandiose round-the-world trip. It could be as small as trying the new restaurant down the street. As long as you take that first step, you are already on the right track. Whether it’s walking out your front door, setting foot in the airport, or stepping into your classroom, the point is simple. You are on your way. The adventure has begun!

The only thing guaranteed with any adventure is that you might as well toss out that road map you so diligently created and embrace changes. Will you embrace the change and accept that so much of what will happen will be outside of your control?

With these initial steps, you are placing yourself into the unknown. Some may think that sounds frightening, but it’s really not! If you accept early on that your trip is an adventure and a large portion of the trip may be outside of your control, you will be able to relax and accept the joy of not knowing. I am sure we can all relate to a delayed flight, baggage gone missing, unplanned thunderstorms or horrid heat that you were totally not ready for. However, these elements allow for great memories and stories that may have not been able to take place before. Don’t let yourself be scared or worried about these somewhat messy situations. Choose to embrace these situations and turn them into an even more memorable adventure!

I have lost luggage, missed connections in foreign countries where I did not speak the language, and have been stranded for more than twenty-four hours due to weather. There is a tendency to blame these situations on others, and to be fair, many issues can be linked to human error of some kind. However, these set backs happen. Instead of allowing these small instances to ruin your entire trip, think of them as little trials. They will test the strength of your patients, put your will-power in check, and make you a tougher individual.

So how do you make the best of things when everything is looking bad?

* Stay Positive.
* Laugh more.
* Enjoy the moment.
* Don’t take things too seriously.
* Smile.
* Let things roll off your shoulders.
* Tell yourself that this will make a great story later on.
* Embrace change.
* Say thank you.

Traveling can be stressful and full of disasters, but if you always think that negative things are going to happen, then unfortunate things will always feel like they are happening. Some things are inevitable. Embrace the adventure, appreciate the journey, and don’t look back. An adventure is waiting for you.


This post was written by a friend of mine, Adam Nutting. Adam has seen his fair share of adventures and misadventures. He currently lives in the Southwest where he spends his time traveling, and hiking. Adam is a blogger who writes for HikingTheTrail.com – a blog about hiking, adventure, and the outdoors. You can also find him on Twitter and Instagram.

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