5 Unique Ways to Bring Your Travels Home

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Wanderlust carries adventurers and modern nomads far beyond their birth homes. You easily make friends while waiting for a bus in a strange city, and family becomes your host family when learning a new language. You long for the places you’ve visited, even when back at your home base — where your roots should be. As an avid traveler, you’ve discovered the adage is true: Home is where the heart is, and that can be multiple places.

So, how do you stop yourself from feeling homesick for multiple places at once? Your heart feels torn in many directions, and it makes the decision more difficult for where you want to travel next. You bring small pieces of your escapades back, but they sit there in a sad multicultural chorus of inanimate objects.

Take it a step further and extend your stay with these five unique ways to bring your travels home. Make these touchstones of memory feel at home in your home base:

Give Yourself the Five-Star Treatment

Hotels spoil you, and they should for the price tag. So, spoil yourself and bring your travels home by turning your bedroom into a five-star experience. Get those high-tread count sheets and deck your bed out with multicultural throws and fluffy pillows. Hang a canopy over your bed that resembles a yurt or luxurious canvas tent.

Place your favorite oils, perfumes and lotions on a vanity nearby. Coming home to your bed after hotel rooms feels weird. Give yourself the five-star treatment.

Foodie Spice Collection Display

If you’re a foodie, you are a spice collector. That’s how it works. Wherever you go, spices follow you home.

Build a DIY spice rack out of pallet wood to display spices with a universally rustic look found in every country. Take it to the next level and bring your travels home by placing spices of specific cultural cuisines under a cabinet or near a shelf you designate for that type of food. All that’s left is to choose your cuisine and host a dinner party!

Transfer Travel Photos to Pillows

Sometimes, you miss places and people so much you need to hug them! Get your wish by having your favorite travel photos printed onto pillows you can squish as much as you want.

Bring your travels home by printing out your photos and using photo fabric to transfer the images. Sew the pillows together with your machine or basic sewing skills. Place your photo pillows in your living room or on your bed.

Cozy Cultural Cubbies for Figurines

Figurines abroad in street markets easily tempt the tourist into buying. They add weight to your carry-on, and you end up buying another bag just to ship items home. Now, these items rest forgotten on a dusty shelf, your once attempt at display and organization.

These items should be carefully displayed — find a shelf with uniformly-sized compartments and mount it higher on the wall so the items don’t risk disturbance by clumsy arms and curious pets. In each cubby, place a small flag from the country you visited or a similar small item by each figurine to bring your travels home.

Seashell String Lights

There’s something obligatory about being on a beach, no matter where you are, and confronted with a perfectly-shaped solitary seashell. It’s fate — you must pick it up, take it home and treasure it forever. Fate’s funny like that. Many people pick up the habit of collecting seashells on seashores, and international beaches aren’t the exception to the rule.

Seashells make the perfect small souvenir to take home with you and should be displayed specially, as the unique specimens they are, by creating seashell string lights. You’ll need the seashells, a hot glue gun and battery-operated fairy lights. Pair similarly-shaped seashells and match them up, visually balanced, to the string lights. Bring your travels home by gluing the shells together, light in the middle. Hang your lights up and wait for the sunset to go down every evening on every beach you ever visited.

Your heart belongs to many homes, and you miss those faces and places when you return to your stomping grounds. From a five-star bedroom stay to seashell string lights, use these tips to bring your travels home.


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