My Favorite Ways to Get a Work Out In While Traveling

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“Adventure is out there!” Discovering a new place or experiencing something for the first time is such a thrill. I’m definitely an adventure junkie. I love trying things I haven’t before, traveling to places I’ve never been to and tackling the unknown. But, being an adventurer also means I need to take care of myself — which often means working out in while traveling.

My favorite kind of adventures are ones that give me a workout. I mean, who doesn’t like feeling the burn the day after? And it makes your day exploring more rewarding when you work for it.

Here are a few of my favorite workout oriented adventures ideas.


Have a body of water near you? Grab a kayak and dedicate several hours to exploring the shore side, lakeside, or river system near you. Kayaking or canoeing is especially enjoyable in the summer time, when the weather is still hot. Instead of running in the heat, work your arms, shoulders and core while you paddle and enjoy the cool water beneath you. Let your toes take a dip and allow your mind to relax.

If you haven’t been before, kayaking can be the most intriguing adventure you take this season. Water ecosystems are fascinating—with dozens of varieties of fish, turtles, and insects. My favorite kayaking experience was my trip around a lake in Michigan, where a dragon fly perched itself on my knee and stayed there the whole trip.

The day after, my arms, shoulders and abs were sore, but I hardly noticed I was working out with the scenery around me, and the all the little creatures to look at.


Maybe the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the word “adventure” is hiking—and there’s a reason for that.

Pick a hiking spot you’re genuinely interested in, geographically. Push yourself physically with a hilly trail system, or choose a place you’ve never seen before. Engage your mind and your spirit for adventure by exploring a new area every time you go out.

Group hiking is especially fun and can lead to unforgettable adventures. If you’ve ever been, you know how a group of friends can push and encourage one another. In addition to discovering new landmarks and sites, you’ll also build sweet memories with other people.

Go for A Bike Ride

When’s the last time you let out your inner kid and went on a bike ride around your neighborhood? You would be surprised at how much of an adventure riding your bike around town can be.

Find a cool, scenic route near you and ride for a few hours. You’re working your legs and core the whole time, and exploring new streets, sites and developments in your community.

If you’re looking to take biking to the next level, consider getting a trail bike. You can challenge yourself to tackle steeper trails, go off roading, and discover more extreme terrain. Biking is versatile and your options are limitless. The extra push needed to propel a bike gives you an incredible work out on top of it all, too!

Practice Outdoor Yoga

While not a travel adventure, you might be surprised about how much you discover embarking on an outdoor yoga experience. Destination yoga is also popular, where you and your class travel to a beautiful place—like the beach or mountains—and get your zen on amidst nature’s most beautiful exhibits.

Any outdoor yoga allows you to appreciate a new area like you never have before. One of the chief principles in yoga is to become aware of what is going on around you, and to be intentional about being one with the atmosphere around you. You build mental and physical strength, and learn a lot about yourself on the way.

Pick a good friend and find a destination yoga program or practice to try out. You will get to experience a new place with someone and learn a lot about the Buddhist culture, and your own heart along the way.

Rock Climbing

Maybe one of the most physically trying adventures there is, rock climbing allows you to see the world in a whole new way and push yourself like you never have before. The best part about climbing is how rewarding it is—indoor or outdoor. Reaching the top gives you a surge of adrenaline and self-confidence, and your success builds self-esteem and confidence.

Start with an indoor rock climbing class or experience to get a feel for what you’ll be asking your body to do, physically. Train up before tackling outdoor rock climbing, which can be more dangerous and demanding depending on the circumstances.

Find the perfect mountain to climb by considering how much physical exertion you’re capable of, but also what kind of scenery you’re interested in. You’ll be exploring a new geographical location and ecosystem, while pushing yourself to the limits. If you believe the best adventure is one that allows you to “reach new heights,” pun intended, then rock climbing is for you!


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