My Favorite Ways for Naturally Taking Care of My Health During the Summer

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Summer is my favorite season — it’s warm, and all these wonderful flowers are in bloom, plus I can finally wear sandals. The busyness of summer can make it easy to forget your health though. Taking care of your mental and physical health during the summer is important, which is why I’m sharing my five favorite ways to take care of my health.


I find meditation refreshing. If you haven’t tried it, you really should consider it. When you start, it’s a bit of a challenge blocking out your thoughts and just embracing the silence, but over time it becomes second nature.

During the summer, I love to do walking or running meditation because it takes me outdoors. It’s also helpful for focusing on your breathing, especially if you’re running, and bringing you into that meditation mindset. I find moving meditation is also like an extra layer of relaxation because I’m closer to nature and have the smell of the flowers to relax my mind.

Fresh Foods 

Summer is fantastic for finding fresh foods. Farmers markets are open everywhere and, if you’re on the move, they’re perfect for stopping by to pick up some fruit to go. I also like visiting farmers markets because I’m supporting local farms and purchasing food that’s fresh and organic.

What’s great about farmers markets is they’re a great, one-stop shop for smoothie supplies. You can get berries, yogurt and even non-dairy milk, like almond milk, at the same location. Freshly squeezed orange juice is also another great substitute for milk in a smoothie.

Eating fresh foods is one of my favorite ways of taking care of my health. It makes me feel energized, and there are always new recipes to try for vegetables and fruits, which keeps things surprising in the kitchen.

Homemade Beauty Masks 

Ending my day with a DIY beauty mask is one of the ways I treat myself. We deserve to treat ourselves and without the need for a special occasion. If you ever doubt that, remind yourself that you’re a hard-working, compassionate and selfless individual, and that’s enough reason.

Beauty masks also keep your skin healthy during the summer, especially since you’re outdoors more. I like to use fruit-based face masks during the summer because I can purchase the fruits at a farmer’s market, which means I can shop for my beauty and food supplies in one place.


Yoga is another way for me to stay outside in the summer longer while also taking care of my health. Doing outdoor yoga in the morning and evening keeps it quiet and relaxing with only the sounds of the birds and aroma of the flowers.

If you’re new to yoga, summer is the perfect time to start. Many parks hold outdoor yoga classes with experienced instructors, so go and pick out a yoga mat, wear comfy clothes and sign up. It’ll be fun — I promise!

Sun Protection 

Because I love being outdoors during the summer, sun protection is a must. Hats are an excellent way to shade your skin from the sun, and there’s plenty of stylish options in different colors, which lets you coordinate your hats and outfits. Chemical-free, natural sunscreens are also excellent options for protecting your arms, legs and neck, as well as your face.

I hope these suggestions help you this summer with taking care of your mental and physical health. And remember, you’re worth treating and caring for — don’t ever doubt that.


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