Featured on The Fashion Supernova: How to Look Like a Fashionista While Traveling/Flying

October 16, 2015 , In: Style , With: No Comments

A sneak peak from a post I wrote for The Fashion Supernova, giving you some simple and helpful suggestions on how to travel and look like a fashionista while doing so! fashion-woman-cute-airport-large

“It’s the trip of a lifetime and you know you want to be ready for the camera as soon as the plane lands. You also know that you could be walking a mile or more in the airport to reach your boarding gate. How do you balance the desire to be fashionable and the need to be comfortable while flying? No, you do not need to wear 6 inch stilettos, or have your hair blown out to perfection. Lucky for you, there are actually a lot of current fashion trends that are incredibly comfy. Here’s how to look like a fashionista while traveling.” Get more travel style advice by hopping on over to The Fashion Supernova!

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Throughout my life I have found excitement in the world around me. Having graduated with a degree in Communications, as well as having worked for a lifestyle magazine, has allowed me to travel and become more cultured. Through traveling, I have been been able to further my knowledge and interest for nature, understand the power of exploring other locations, and embrace the styles and cultures that surround me.

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