Feel Good News to Brighten Your Day

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How many times a day do you check your Twitter feed and feel let down by terrible trending news? A famous actor tragically dies, catastrophic flooding occurs on the coast, a local business closes its doors, a star athlete gets caught doping — you get the idea. Unpleasant news drags us down day in and day out.

We fail to see the good news. There are many stories left untold or unshared because often times tragic news stories drown them out. Below you’ll find stories to inspire you, make you chuckle or lighten a tense mood. It’s time for some feel good news to brighten your day.

The Very First Thing to Do When You Wake Up

Set the tone for your day by striking a power pose when you first wake up. Harvard psychologist Amy Cuddy says before you get out of bed you should stretch from the tips of your toes to the tops of your fingers. This power pose helps aid your mind into thinking you are strong and bold, which transcends into the rest of your day. Starting the day feeling bold has a positive effect on the remainder of the day. Between the feel good news below and the power pose you will strike tomorrow morning, you’re on the path to taking on the day and feeling bolder.

Missing Yorkie – Found After Eight Years

Louise thought Tessa, her Yorkshire terrier, was gone forever, but she recently received a call stating her Yorkie had been found after eight years. She felt it was a miracle that Tessa was found especially considering she had to put down her other pet Yorkie the week prior.

Tessa had been reported stolen in 2009 when she went missing on Fort Myers Beach in Florida. Louise had given up hope on ever finding Tessa, even though Tessa was collared and micro-chipped. She is now advocating for all pet owners to have their dogs’ micro-chipped — you never know when it might come in handy in the future.

Ledecky Looking Forward to 2020

After winning six medals, five gold and one silver, at the world championships in Budapest, Katie Ledecky now holds the title of the most successful female swimmer in world history. Quite an accomplishment for a 20-year-old. Her five new gold medals bring her total count to 15 gold medals. Even so, Katie says she still feels capable of more. Take after Katie and always strive for your personal best, a message we can all put to good use in our daily lives.

The Queen Swears By Four Drinks A Day!

Queen Elizabeth II doesn’t hold world renowned athlete status like Katie Ledecky, but she sure has an influence on millions — even here in the United States. The Queen is a woman of routine and the same applies for her drinking routine. She has a gin and Dubonnet with lemon before lunch. During lunch, she will drink a glass wine, and at dinner she will sip on a dry martini. Followed by a flute of champagne in the evening hours. At the ripe age of 91, her routine is definitely working for her.

Watermelon Hack

Speaking of drinks — Are you looking for a delicious cocktail for your weekend party? Use a pineapple slicer to hollow out a watermelon and then serve your favorite drink recipe inside. Start by cutting off one end of the watermelon. Then, push the blade of the slicer into the middle of the melon and twist. You can hollow out a good deal of the fruit this way. After you remove the fruit, slice it up and enjoy it as an addition to your drink. You can use the hollowed out rind as a bowl for the cut watermelon or juice the melon and make a refreshing cocktail.

One Passionate (and Very Pregnant) Obstetrician

While Dr. Amanda Hess, an obstetrician from Kentucky, was prepping for her own child’s birth when she heard cries from a woman in labor one room over. Nurses told Amanda the woman next door was ready to push, but the on call doctor hadn’t arrived yet. Recognizing the woman as a patient she saw in her office the week prior, Dr. Hess delayed her own induction to deliver the woman’s baby.

Dr. Hess noticed the immediate need for this woman to give birth, so she stepped up and scrubbed in. She knew the golden rule, don’t mess with a pregnant lady, especially if she’s in labor.

From waking up and tackling your day, to a fruity weekend drink, happier headlines are what you need to brighten your day. Take it from Dr. Hess, if someone’s in need step in and lend a helping hand.


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