Glamping List: What to Pack for an Adventure-Seeking Honeymoon

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In all the craziness of wedding planning, it’s easy to forget to plan for another vital part of your marriage: the honeymoon. Glamping is an excellent option for adventure-seeking couples that want a nontraditional resort experience. However, it’s essential to establish a glamping list before you leave so you have all the items for a fantastic getaway.

Day Pack

The best part about choosing your glamping location is that you can pick a spot with plenty of beautiful hiking trails. Make sure you include a day pack on your glamping list for these excursions. You can pack snacks, sunblock and a camera to document your moments along the trail. You can also invest in a larger backpack if you want to spend one night roughing it in the wilderness before trekking back to your luxurious glamping setup.

Mood Lighting

Depending on where you stay, this may or may not already exist in your room. Decorate your tent, cabin or yurt with flame less candles or lights. You can line the pathway up to your humble abode to create that romantic honeymoon atmosphere. Wrap fairy lights around your porch or inside your tent for soft light. Use battery-operated candles if you don’t have electricity or plug in the fairy lights if you want something a little more romantic than overhead lights.

DIY Cocktails

This is easier to pack if you’re driving. Try adding DIY cocktails to your glamping list to toast the rest of your lives. Pack a mixer and two glasses and whatever you need for your favorite drink.

Old and New Clothes

Glamping isn’t like camping in that you don’t have to only pack clothes you don’t mind ruining. You should pack clothing for all conditions. Make sure you pack hiking boots and workout clothes for the days you decide to go on a hike. You should also pack a swimsuit and cute outfits in case you choose to have a night out. For example, maybe your glamping site is near a town with a restaurant. Walk or drive to town for a fun night out or turn on those fairy lights, make a cocktail and have a night in wearing one of your favorite dresses.

Map or GPS

You can still get lost even when you’re glamping. If you’re an especially adventure-seeking couple who wants to go off the grid, make sure a map or GPS is on your glamping list. Even if you’re still using your phone on your honeymoon, remote places won’t have cellphone service. Find a map of the area you’re staying in or want to hike for a day. If you’re not great at reading maps, invest in a GPS that will help you get to where you need to go.

Solar-Powered Charger

Maybe you want to rough it, but not rough it too much. If you wish to access your phone — and the outside world — bring a solar-powered charger. Many glamping accommodations will already have electricity, but this helps you stay environmentally friendly and keep you connected to your friends back home. You can even bring a portable speaker to use as long as your phone stays charged.


Round out your glamping experience with a night under the stars. A hammock for two is a great investment if you want to spend some time connected to nature but don’t necessarily want to pitch a tent in the middle of the woods. Just find two trees and wait for a clear night to snuggle up to your new spouse. You can even get really adventurous and sleep outside in your hammock.

Glamp Like a Pro

This glamping list is just the beginning. Cater what you bring to the activities that you want to do. Pack more survival-type gear if you’re a super-adventurous couple. If you’re going to relax in an ambient surrounding, bring accessories that will make you feel at home. It’s all about celebrating the kind of honeymoon you dreamed of and will help you enjoy the love you share.

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