Healthy and Non Perishable Food to Keep You Fueled on Your Road Trip

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Large supply of disposable wipes? Check. Movies downloaded to iPad? Check. Looks like you’re ready for the big family road trip. Is there anything else you might be missing? Snacks! Although stopping at the many popular diners and dives might be on your itinerary, you’ll also want to keep your passengers happy with snacks along the way.

Making sure you’re loaded up with healthy snacks will cut down on the amount of fatty gas station “grab ‘n go” junk food. Here are some terrific and tasty treats for your next road trip:

Fruits and Veggies fruit 2

This is a no-brainer but comes with a caveat: Think about the juices. Peaches, cherries, plumbs and nectarines are sweet fruits to be sure but they can also be messy fruits. Perhaps a variety of crisp apples or bananas would be a better way to go. As for the veggies, anything and everything works from baby carrots to celery to broccoli florets. Too plain? Consider providing small containers of Ranch dressing, hummus and/or guacamole. Everybody loves dipping!

You might want to take the kids to a farmers market before the trip to let them pick out their favorite veggies. That way there should be no complaints.

Hard Boil Eggs hard boiled eggs

These are a great source of protein and take zero effort to get ready. You can find mini packs of salt, pepper and even Tabasco sauce at your next gas station refuel. For added fun, break out the Easter egg dye kits before the trip. It would certainly make for a colorful snack bag.

For those cooking challenged who claim, “I can’t even boil an egg” there is actually an easy to follow recipe for you.

Crumbly Oat and Apricot Bars apricot

There are plenty of snack/energy bars you can grab that make for perfect snack alternatives. Of course, nothing beats baking your own bars for the trip. This Crumbly Oat and Apricot Bar is a cross between a cookie and a cobbler. It’s also another fun project to do with kids before the trip. They’ll feel empowered when they eat snacks they’ve made.


Popcorn popcorn

In the snack kingdom, popcorn is reasonably healthy. You only get into trouble when you slather on the butter. Instead, you can spice up that corn with a variety of recipes including apple pie, Wasabi soy and Parmesan.

Baked Pita Chips  Baked-Pita-Chips-92-640x479

Just as the butter on popcorn makes it unhealthy, the oils used to fry chips add to the fat content. Is there a better way? Baking, of course. Instead of trying to master baking potato chips (which you could with practice and a mandolin), try baked pita chips. As with your popcorn and pumpkin seeds, your baked pita chips can also be jazzed up with all kinds of spices. Experiment to see which one works the best.

All of these snacks would fall into the “non-perishable” category. They can easily be stored in mini-containers and kept in a box or bag for the trip. You’ll probably still want a small cooler with ice and drinks but that shouldn’t take up much room. Now, it’s time to practice your car bingo skills!


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