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Traveling is such a passion of mine, so I like to really invest myself into every aspect of it. The planning I do before each trip is a big part of what makes each vacation so successful, but that’s not the only thing you should invest yourself in. I’ve written about the high vibe items I always travel with, and while that list I came up with is still great, the ones in this post are what I use now.

High vibe items make all the difference in the world to any trip you make. They’re easy ways to pamper yourself without taking up lots of extra room in your suitcase. These simple things are essential to taking care of your mind and body while you’re away from home. I’m adding a couple new things to my high vibes items list, so my future trips can get even better—and so can yours!

Healthy Snacks

Traveling is an excuse for a lot of people to just grab whatever is easiest for meals and snacks. Honestly, sometimes this can’t be avoided. I’ve been stuck in airports and on road trips more times than I can count, and when situations like that happen, it’s not always easy to find healthy options. Sometimes it’s downright impossible, given the choices you have at gas stations and fast food restaurants.

Try to pack as many healthy snacks ahead of time as possible! Bringing a small lunchbox could end up being a lifesaver. I like to pack mine with snacks like carrots and apple slices for the trip out and then refill at a local grocery store before the end of my trip. Healthy foods are the perfect high vibe items because they keep me energized and feeling right. I never have to worry about needing more fuel for my body on trips when I have some fruits and veggies by my side!

Hydrating Elixirs

There’s nothing more discouraging than that gross feeling your skin can get while you’re traveling. Instead of always having to shower when I get to my destination, I use the best hydrating elixirs to keep myself feeling and looking refreshed. If I’m ever strapped for cash, I’ll grab a bottle of aloe vera to use instead.

Jade Rollers

Why spend more money at a spa when you can give yourself all the benefits right from your hotel room? Invest in one of the best jade facial rollers and you’ll get more than your money’s worth out of it. Rolling jade over your face can boost blood circulation and reduce swelling under your eyes. I love using mine when I’m dealing with jet lag. It helps get me out of bed and to my first exciting adventure! It’s guaranteed to instantly relax and center me, which is something I need on crazy trips.

Trusty Face Mask

At the end of a long day, even vacationing can wear you down. I’m almost always exhausted at the end of my days on trips, which is when room service and fluffy down pillows start calling my name. Face masks have saved my night-time skin routine on those nights when I didn’t have the strength to go wash my face, so always pack a few to give yourself a night to just relax in bed. Pamper yourself with a night off without having to sacrifice your skin care routine.

My Favorite Crystals

Some people swear by their travel superstitions to help them get through anxiety or fear, but I’ve found that if I carry some travel crystals with me, I worry less and enjoy more. There are some great crystals specifically for traveling that help lower anxiety and shield you from any harm. Pack a few for some peace of mind. I’ve been able to enjoy my traveling more with them in my purse or in my favorite necklaces and bracelets.

You’ll find that as you travel more often, the things you bring with you will change in various ways. Always make sure that no matter what you’re packing for, you always pack a few high vibe items, so you can have fun and take care of yourself at the same time.


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