How to Add Accents from Your Travels to Your Home

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For many people, one of the most exciting aspects of traveling is finding souvenirs and allowing them to serve as reminders of journeys taken long after returning home. However, mementos go much deeper than T-shirts and coffee mugs. There are many ways you can incorporate your travel-related treasures into the décor of your abode.

Preserve Your Ticket Stubs IMG_2615

The ticket stubs from your travels can bring back many memories just from the information they contain: dates, destinations and transportation company names. Also, tickets sometimes feature bright backgrounds, which makes them more noticeable.

With these things in mind, consider figuring out a cool way to decorate your home with old tickets. When displaying them under glass, be sure to use a type that helps block some of the light that could make tickets fade over time.

You could choose your favorite stubs and stash them in a shadowbox that gets a place of honor in your family room. Alternatively, if you want to do things a little more casually, fill a clear glass vase with stubs and set it on your mantle or a bookshelf.

Make a Banner from Old Maps finished3

Paper maps may have seemed like lifesavers when you were trying to get orientated in new places. But, now that you’re home, those maps might be collecting dust in a drawer or gotten thrown into the recycling bin until the next garbage pickup date. Get creative and use the maps to make a banner by cutting letters out of the material and connecting them with string.

Cardstock added to the backs of the letters will cause them to be more durable. You can decide the banner should spell out the word of a particular destination, or you could pick a more generic appropriate phrase such as “Explore, “Bon Voyage” or “Let’s Go.”

Add Inspiration from Your Own Culture

If you’ve ever had the chance to go into a personal residence while traveling, you’ve probably noticed it’s filled with items that have a great deal of significance to the people who live there. Some of the decorations might relate to the careers or interests of the inhabitants, but they may also relate to certain cultural norms. For example, in Ireland, a country where many people traditionally identify as Catholic, it’s common to see homes with statues of the Virgin Mary.

You can follow suit by populating your abode with things that mean a lot to you, either culturally, or on a more personal level. One way to do that is to give family heirlooms prominent places in your home.

Furniture and grandfather clocks are two common examples of family heirlooms that you can easily position so people will notice them. They’re also potential conversation pieces, so if you receive compliments from people who are genuinely interested in their histories and how you acquired them, you’ll be able to give thorough explanations.

Use Your Destination’s Colors and Imagery of Choice west-african-jar-58905_960_720

Consider spending time making a room in your home have a country-specific theme. For example, if you wanted to focus on France, you could make red, blue and white your main colors, just like the country’s flag. Also, find photographs and throw pillows that feature the Eiffel Tower, well-known French words or an outline of the country’s shape.

Since France is known as a very fashionable place, perhaps you could take care to pick out things made from promising French designers. That way, you’re not just taking inspiration from a country you love, but supporting the livelihoods of people who live and work there.

The more time you spend in a country, the easier it should be to pick up on the characteristics that set that destination apart from others. The examples above were specific to France, but you’ll be able to easily take similar approaches with other places you’ve visited around the world.

Call Attention to Your Trinkets stones-939631_960_720

As you travel, you’ll probably collect numerous small items that deserve to be carefully displayed, but could easily be forgotten about if you don’t take care to spotlight them. Figurines, magnets and badges are just a few examples.

Figurines and other items that can stand on their own can be organized in a wall cubby shelf that has uniformly sized compartments. Mount it up high so there’s no risk of the items inside getting disturbed by inquisitive kids or pets.

Similarly, badges with pin-style backs can be tacked onto corkboards. If you want to display magnets in a different way than placing them on your refrigerator door, buy a few flat and shallow metal baking pans and attach the magnets to the underside. Once the pan’s surface is as full of magnets as you prefer, lean the pan up against a flat surface, such as a wall. Using this method, you can easily adorn the top part of medium-sized bookcase with magnets from your travels and maybe even organize them to complement a few relevant framed photos.

Hopefully these suggestions give you plenty of ideas for ensuring your home is thoughtfully decorated with things you’ve collected from your trips. Strategically incorporating the items could bring visually pleasing results, not to mention, provide comfort by helping ease your longing to return to certain destinations as soon as possible.


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