How to Be a Tourist in Your Own City

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There is bound to be a time in life when you just feel like you need somewhere to explore new surroundings. Somewhere that makes a refreshing change to your daily routine can have great impacts on your mind and body, but it’s not always possible to pack your bags and jet across the world for a last-minute adventure.

Instead, we’ve got to find the next best alternative. Traveling is essential – that’s true, but you can experience the same tourist-y feeling without even leaving your city.

Here’s how to be a tourist in your hometown and get the vacation feeling without the extra traveling:

Get lost… Intentionally woman looking

Even if your hometown isn’t a place made to create a haven for passing tourists, there are bound to be a number of secret treasures off the beaten track.

One of my favourite ways to do explore the place I live is to get in my car and toss a coin on which turning to take. Heads is left; tails is right. This ‘follow the coin’ technique has taken me on wild adventures (including ending up at a secret lake that looked like something out of a movie!) and allowed me to see areas of my town that I never knew existed.

If you don’t own a car, you can still intentionally get lost. Jump on the first bus that comes past and see where it takes you – just remember that you’ll need to find your way back when your adventure comes to a close!

Bring a camera woman-hand-legs-camera-large

I’ve always found that when I explore a place with camera in-hand, I notice a lot more about my surroundings. From the small chalk marks on the floor to street art that I’d otherwise look past, taking a camera on your day trip can help you gain a new perspective on where you live.

Book a hotel hotel-sign-motel-large

A proven way to feel like you’ve had a “real vacation” is to book a hotel in your own city.

If you live in a suburb, head into the city and find a new spot that you haven’t yet explored. If you live in the city, consider finding a quiet hotel in the suburbs and get away from the hustle of inner-city life.

If you have family ties at home or a full-time job to work around, this method can help to feel like you’ve had a break from your usual routine and feel refreshed.

Learn about your history church

Even if you spend your morning commute driving past the same church, taking the time out to truly look into features of your hometown can help you to feel like you’re completing true “tourist” activities.

If your city is a hot spot for tourism, you may get the chance to join in on fun tours. You never know -you may be surprised about the history of your city!

Head to the top sitting on top

The chances are, you’ll spend the majority of your exploration time on your way to work. As this tends to be on ground level, you won’t be able to experience the true beauty that your city has to offer.

A great way to get the best views of your city is to find buildings that offer restaurants, viewing points or activities at their highest level. Dining 82 floors in the air can be both thrilling and filling, plus you’ll get to view a sensational sunset if you head out in the evening.

There’s no other feeling like traveling the world, but you can get a similar feeling by becoming a tourist in your own city and seeing what the town has to offer.


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    This is something that I have blogged about before – there’s nothing better than looking at your own city through a different lens. I find that sometimes making a list of the top tourist attractions and then working your way through them is a great way to see a different side to somewhere you live. Too often people avoid doing that because they live there, but then they move away and regret it!

      • kacey
      • August 1, 2016

      I totally agree with you! I think that sometimes even if you check out the areas where the most people travel to or where the crowd is normally at, you can find little “hot spots” along the way! It usually just takes a little extra work and being mindful! 🙂

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